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New Year, New blogging goals!

First of all: YIKES! It was August the last time I blogged. I can’t really even say that you missed much…

Summer wrapped up nicely enough. Lilly started kindergarten and is in an advanced reading program and just generally teachers pet. Edison is as active as ever and has had any number of minor injuries (bumps and bruises) from his normal shenanigans.

I got the craft fair all managed and completed and signed up for another one a month later. They both went pretty well and “Operation: Christmas” was a success. Bonus- I have enough of a stash the save up and use on something nice for me for once- hopefully. I also got a bunch of handmade gifts made for Christmas presents and my poor poor neglected children got mostly handmade things from me as opposed to tons of gifts from the store (Santa brought one thing each, plus two small things each for the stockings, I bought a vintage Little People set from eBay for them to share, and I bought one $10 thing for each, and the rest was handmade). They loved it. BOOM! Christmas WIN!

Oh yeah, I almost needed back surgery because I managed to get a bugling disk and radial tear in my lower lumbar area. Some prednisone and a little physical therapy (and time) seems to be fixing it well enough so hopefully I am good to go and don’t need to worry about it. Oh yeah again, our barely year and a half year old dishwasher sprung a leak and caused some water damage in our kitchen. We filed an insurance claim and are still waiting to get that all repaired because I don’t have the full amount one would need to renovate a kitchen. We’ll update on that one as it actually happens.

Paco ended up going on a fantastic trip with his brother, who is a Marine Corps officer, and was away for two weeks at the first part of December. I would like to take this time to point out that it was during a full moon. If you don’t have kids you cannot possibly understand the gravity of this statement and, yes, I hate you.

After his absence we were happy to have him home and do some Christmassy things and finish off the year.

Really, that’s as much of an update as will happen. I haven’t even converted my pictures to JPEG since September. So, clearly, I have some catching up to do in all areas of life.

I suppose since it is the first of the year I should write some kind of resolutions. Although, I like to think to think of them on more longterm levels that don’t just span a year. Anyway…


*Drink More Water

*Eat less food (okay, just eat healthier. I lost motivation somewhere along the way and now have to make up for it and then some, so weight loss journeys begin yet again… )

*Read More

*Fix the house and get organized

*Spend Less

*Save more

*Blog more

Pretty much every stereotypical New Years resolution one can think of apparently. I’m so cliche… oh well. Happy New Year!

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Playing catch-up

Okay I actually have decent excuses for not posting for 2 weeks. Last I posted I had said I was suffering from some bout of illness with a high fever and general feeling awful. The next day I felt really awful and had a migraine level headache that  put me at day 4 of headaches so I went in to the doctor. He wanted to test me for West Nile since I was at the lake and got attacked by so many bugs. Well, the headache did not get better it got much MUCH worse. So much so that I went to the emergency room for the debilitating pain.  After a 2 hour wait they did a spinal tap to test for infections and gave me anti-nausea meds along with some pain killers. They did not work. So I got morphine. Then I got more morphine. Do normal migraines take 3 doses of pain meds to get them to go away?!?!? Finally got home after 7 hours in the ER just in time for the searing pain to come back. I had to wait until 10am to take the percoset the doctors sent a prescription for and then it took 3 doses of that spread throughout the day for it to go away. Some of my blood work came back with abnormal numbers so I had to go back in for more blood work. Twice. SO, after all of that mess want to know what I was diagnosed with? NOTHING! My doctor ultimately decided I had some random virus (never had any cold symptoms, just the headache, nausea, body aches, and high liver function tests/low WBC count, etc). Don’t get me wrong, I am glad I don’t have liver cancer or something but I will definitely have a $300 bill for some heavy pain meds to get rid of that headache (SUPER grateful for by the way… it was worth it…) but I could have don’t without that mess.

So then the hits kept coming. Paco had to go on work travel for a week which is fine. The kids were actually pretty well-behaved and it gave me a chance to catch up on sewing since I can’t sleep when he is gone. It was a great plan… until Helga (my trust 45 year old Singer sewing machine) broke. She had a broken stitch selector switch which wasn’t the end of the world since the straight stitch still worked. Then, right when I was going to take a video of how horrendous and sick she sounded she seized up. The timing is off or there is a gear that is broken. Regardless, Helga is dead in the water. After searching craigslist and ebay my mom decided to gift me my Christmas present (and birthday I’m sure) early and we went and bought a new machine. I was dead set on another mechanical machine, but a heavy-duty one that will hold up for a long time. Well, I test drove a few and after doing a little more research and trying the Janome DC1050 I was sold enough and we bought it. It is NOT a mechanical machine but I adore it. It is amazing how smoothly a machine can sew. I don’t have to tug the fabric to get it to feed and it doesn’t jam up on corners. Even if it does get stuck it doesn’t make a bird’s nest of thread all tangled up. It just feels like it goes faster when sewing. Obviously only time will tell, but I am happy with it and hope it lasts a good long time.  We bought it local and did pay a little more for it because of that, but if anything happens I can go in and they have someone to service it there plus she threw in some ‘bonus’ items and if I ever have any questions they are a hop, skip, and jump away for one on one help.  Plus, I got to walk away with it instead of waiting the week for delivery :)  p.s. I can’t explain the attraction to the Germanic names (especially when my machines are English and Japanese made…) but Helga (sewing machine) and Olga (serger) just seemed to fit their personalities (yes.. I personify all things…) and so why break tradition. Lena seems like a sleeker more modern name so it works just fine for this beauty.  Besides, apparently it means “sophisticated, devoted, and light”. All qualities I will take in a sewing machine.  P.S. I know that the origin is Greek, but it is a popular German name.


Introducing: Lena.

Beyond those couple of things I have been keeping up with the usual. I have been pushing myself at the gym and running faster, harder incline, etc. I have also gotten back in the habit of doing the weight machine rotation. I need to restart the 200 sit ups program and do that for a good ab workout. The big decision I need to make here is to do a 5k at the end of August and if I do that then I will need to be running outside every night which, in essence, wastes the monthly $25 gym membership. BUT I really wanted to do at least one 5k and I have yet to do that. I also need to sign up because the deadline is upon me! I also need to get back to heavily monitoring the calories and whatnot. Such a pain.

So, one thing we are working on is a care package for Paco’s brother who is a Marine Corps Officer/fighter pilot and is currently deployed. We are going to send some favorites for him but we are also working on some art projects. Lilly wrote a book and illustrated it for him. She is also working on other art. This is one gem from the story:


Best. Dragon. Ever.

Well, I should get to sewing here. I have caught up on sewing and if I can get the bibs done tonight then I will be a week ahead of schedule. Next up: pacifier pouches! I have to decide on the fabrics for these and then cut them out. They come together pretty quickly after that though. I doubt if I will do the craft fair next year because I don’t like spending so much time orchestrating the whole thing and being stuck sewing for it. I want to sew fun things. I will likely consider an etsy shop after the fair with leftovers and then custom orders to get going but right now I can’t handle both! (well, I can do little projects here and there for people, but not a whole shop). I also want a new business name. Striking Stitches is not one I have loved and it is technically also an embroidery business in Australia. While rules would dictate I can use it because I am on a different continent… I don’t want to risk it. I was thinking either Flying Kite Designs or something with Baby Whale in it (long running joke with Paco and I). I need to make a poll for suggestions and reward the winner somehow.

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Sew Sunday: already behind-ish

I have my craft fair production schedule all made up. Actually I just changed it on Thursday night because I decided I did not want to do the tea wallets next. Yesterday I was supposed to have the pirate treasure bags done to go with the maps. Unfortunately Friday night I kind of got a headache and a really mild fever but still felt blah. Yesterday morning I felt great… until about noon when I felt terrible. FRIGID, headache, achey all over, and finally peaked at about a 103 fever. This is summer, right? I mean COME ON! I bounced between freezing cold, I couldn’t even feel my numb hands and feet, and burning up. The fever finally broke around 11 and then I couldn’t cool down and was drenched in sweat. Needless to say, this pretty well prevented me from getting anything at all accomplished.

Thursday night I also managed to cut out about half of my burp cloths flannel and gauze. I was also going to finish those off over the weekend but it didn’t happen. I am feeling well enough that I am sure I can get the bags done today and then cut the remaining fabric out tonight. So, with all of that cut out it will be a breeze to zip through the burp cloths. I can’t decide if I want to go ahead and cut out all of the bibs and just sew everything all at once or cut and sew, cut and sew. It would probably be a good break to do the latter.

Before I can do any of it I need to tackle THIS disaster that has become my craft/sewing area. Oops.



It doesn’t look too terrible, but trust me… nothing is getting done with piles like that ON my desk and around it.

On ANOTHER sewing related note I checked craigslist Thursday for sewing machines (I’m getting to the ‘need a new one’ phase. Kind of. I love mine, but you know… yeah). Anyway I saw zippers for $10. I thought “rock on! I totally need zippers and, hey, this is A LOT of zippers. Let’s do this”. I picked them up Friday. It was advertised 150 for $10. I counted (yes, I counted…) there are actually 211 zippers. AMAZING. That comes out to 4.6 cents per zipper.  The vast majority are 20-22 inches but zippers can be shortened so it works!


My project before getting wrapped up in craft fair stuff I went to a baby shower and made the majority of the gift for that. It is a pretty good ‘baby shower bundle’ pack. I would love to make these up and sell them as a group to be honest because I really do think it is a great first time mom gift! It’s a wet bag (for diapers when you just don’t have a trash can around or outfit changes from diaper blowouts), a pacifier clip, pacifier pouch, burp cloth and 2 bibs. I don’t know, I think it would be a great bundle to sell ;)


Hopefully I can get moving on more sewing and make time to sew some things for myself. I got a bunch of different serger thread at a Joann sale so I can play with that a lot more. I really need to get some use on that because it is amazing and I love it.

Anyway, really quick on the weight loss front. Can you believe that the last time I weighed myself on the wii board was May 24th?!? YIKES. That is terrible. It is also when I got the flu and all of my efforts kind of fell to the way side. Can you see how easy it is for me to get off track? Truly just terrible. Anyway, by some miracle, whether it be fever induced, not having much of an appetite the past few days, or just genuine trying to not overdue it this week, I did lose a couple pounds. At the gym I have been consistently weighing in at 184 and today on the wii I was 182. I know you can argue the scales are off but, as I mentioned before, I am OCD enough that I calibrated/calculated/whatever’d the difference out to know where they were sitting in relation to each other. I need to get back in the habit of weighing on the wii on Wednesday mornings. I also hope to lose 2 pounds this week and maybe 3 next week since Paco will be gone and I am happily fed with just a piece of baked chicken and broccoli. This is not to say it’s his fault I gain weight, but he isn’t as easily pleased with boring just baked or grilled sauceless food.. so you know.. I don’t have as much willpower when the food I make is tasty :)

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Weight Loss Wednesday: back in the habit

Okay. So, clearly, I fail. Well… I fail at a lot of things. One of which is the whole consistently posting about my weight loss :::cough:::  :::efforts:::: ::::cough::::: Yeah. It isn’t that I haven’t been trying, I just haven’t been tracking everything. I need to keep reminding myself THIS DOESN’T WORK IN MY FAVOR. I dread the idea of having to carefully monitor every single thing I eat for the rest of my life just to maintain a normal weight. BUT when I don’t, I don’t lose the weight either. So back to the drawing board as far as finding things that motivate me and keep me accountable. It isn’t that I have fallen terribly off track. I am around the 184 mark which is pretty much where I have been for a month. So much for getting down 15 pounds by now… So new goal: be 165 by Thanksgiving. It is in the area of 5 pounds per month, which, even if I don’t strictly follow things is attainable. Now that I need excuses for getting off track…

With the exception of being at the lake last week I have been very consistently running 4 miles at 10 minute mile paces…. On the treadmill. I discovered again very quickly that running on the treadmill and running outside are completely different. I need to switch up what my plan is again to get better at running outside again. I think the plan is to sign up for an area 5k that takes place in August. That should motivate me! I would love to do it in 30 minutes but we will see after I get to training outside again. I also don’t want to ‘waste’ my gym membership so I need to find the balance between outside runs, treadmill runs, and getting the Bailey pup out for some exercise that wont kill her (overweight 9 year old dog running outside in Iowa mugginess and heat… probably not a great combo). 

I would like to point out that even 4 miles at a 10 minute pace on the treadmill is SO HUGE for me. When I started trying to run a year ago I lasted about 90 seconds at a 13 minute pace and felt like I was going to die. I know I must be doing something okay because even if the scale doesn’t reflect it, I know I am a little bit more fit and healthy. 

So there we have it. Broken record. I crack down and succeed. I stop. I fail. I start over. Sigh. Anyone have good ideas for motivation to stick with it once and for all until I, at the very least, reach my desired ‘acceptable’ goal. I say acceptable because ideally I would get down to 150… but you know.. beggars can’t be choosers. Baby steps. 

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Cherry Jelly Winner!

I should have posted yesterday and honestly I kind of forgot about it until late last night! Oops! Serves me right for running a contest while I am on vacation with no very extremely sketchy 3G phone internet. I also should note that for the future I might get more response if I AM around to promote it a little more. Oh Well, the fewer the guesses the better the odds for those who did!  Remember, it is my first attempt and re-reading the post I realized I threw in other contingencies that didn’t make sense if I was going for the closest guess. Sheesh. Anyway, without further ado the winner of a lovely and delicious 4oz jar of my cherry jelly is:

Danielle V!

She guessed 3200 and that was pretty amazingly close since the actual number I pitted and processed was 3060. I’m going to hopefully get to the jelly by the 3rd weekend of July so once it sets I will get it out to you. Let me know your address so I can send it! ewolterman (at) gmail (dot) com

Like I said, we were actually gone for the past week because we went up to my family cabin in Northern Minnesota. Paco doesn’t have the same affection for it as I do but that is understandable since he grew up with oceans and I am privileged enough to have had the lake my whole life. Truly.. my grandparents bought it the year I was born. I have been going up from the time I was a baby til now. There were a few years during college that I didn’t make it because of sorority formal recruitment, classes, internships, etc. Those were terrible because I feel like I did miss out on so much. The lake is where my extended family has spent a lot of time together and is one of the main reasons I feel as close to my cousins as I do.

While I still hate spiders, I am able to handle worms (hook them and all!) and fish (…umm, unhook them!) and a lot of other skills because of my experiences at the lake. I love it. I am so happy my kids get to experience so many of the things I did as a child. We do have a TV there, but it is small and has very little reception so we went an entire week without one single TV show. Awesome. Edison was so worn out from playing out in the sand and water that he had no problems getting in bed right away and staying there.

The only downside to this trip is that right when we were getting near the cabin my grandpa called saying he didn’t feel that well and was going to call an ambulance to take him into town. We were pretty much just coming up on said town so we went ahead to the hospital and waited for him to arrive. After we got him settled in the ER I took my family and cousin back to the cabin and then drove myself back to the hospital to sit with my mom and wait for details. When all was said and done we were at the hospital for 9 hours. This is after I had been in a car driving for 9 hours. And, after I had obviously been awake since early in the morning. Being awake for 27 hours straight under those conditions just makes for one exhausted Erica. We got back to the cabin and I slept from 9:30am to 12:07pm and then started the day! Luckily grandpa is fine now and we got to enjoy some time at the cabin with him.

That’s all I have to report! I’ll recap the actual trip in pictures! We got out on the water enough to make everyone happy and also had a day that was less than ideal so for the first time in AGES I was able to just sit and read a book. (Room by Emma Donoghue).

DSC_1538 DSC_1543 DSC_1545 DSC_1558 DSC_1571 DSC_1588 DSC_1590 DSC_1594 DSC_1606 DSC_1609 DSC_1618 DSC_1626 DSC_1633 DSC_1634 DSC_1644 DSC_1658 DSC_1668 DSC_1670 DSC_1680

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The Cherry Pitting Process — Video!

Okay, so I have a lot of people tell me that they love my homemade cherry pies and treats (tooting own horn, yes…). A lot also joke around about gladly taking all those cherries off my hands once they are picked and other various questions about them since who doesn’t think cherries are awesome? I decided the best way to show what all goes into my cherry process is to do a short video!

I want to pretense by saying PLEASE EXCUSE THE UGLINESS! It is not a “dress to impress” activity and I had just gotten out of the shower from coming back from the gym. Sadly, once done you really almost need to step back in the shower because you look like something out of a horror film- cherry juice EVERYWHERE.  I also want to say I am not one to willingly step in front of the camera so it is a little out of my comfort zone. Just don’t laugh or judge me… OKAY >:-/ and thank you :-)

This is definitely a bumper crop year because I have NEVER, in the 5 years that I have done this process, gotten SO many in one season. I could go pick some more if I wanted (and were insane!). I am happy to do this because I feel like it only makes sense. Why let something so amazing go to waste? I may do it the hard way by not using a cherry pitter but I imagine it is more how it was done in the old days and there is something about that that makes me feel very accomplished.

I know, I am as surprised as you are that I still have all of my fingers in tact…

I plan on making a couple of batches of cherry jelly and will look more into canning whole cherries but I will likely just freeze them. They keep well, retain color and taste better, and take up less space.. kind of. It really is just one of the things that makes me awesome :)

OH! Okay, so I decided to run a bit of a contest here too. Maybe gain some readership (not that I NEED that or am aiming for it. Who knows what my purpose for this blog really is). BUT I have decided to share some of my cherry awesomeness with the rest of the world. I will ship someone a 4 oz jar of sour cherry jelly (it isn’t super sour because of all the sugar, it’s just that they are sour cherries, hence sour cherry jelly.. got it?) Anyway here are the details:


In the comments section guess how many individual cherries you think I gathered and processed this year based off of this picture:


I will even give you a hint. Each cherry has about a half inch diameter…


1.Please post your guess in the comments section

2. Get an extra entry if you comment on how you follow my blog (feedly/other reader, e-mail, just checking in, etc).

3. Open to US residents only. I don’t think customs would be super happy with shipping preserves. SORRY!

4. Bear with me to whoever the winner is, I have yet to actually preserve the jelly so it may not be shipped for a few weeks but I promise I will stick to my word and get one to you!

5. Closest guess to the actual number wins one 4 oz jar of jelly!

6. Contest will close on Sunday July 7th at 11:59pm CST. Winner will be announced on Monday the 8th.

Happy guessing! THANK YOU!


What I have been doing: Depicted in Pictures

Goodness, I have had this post sitting open on my computer for the past 3 or 4 days. I don’t know why it has been so hard to just update! I know I’m not that exciting, and no one really cares, but you know… ’tis the generation I guess.

So, to spare everyone, I’m doing an update in picture version. This is, but not limited to, what has been keeping me busy as of late!

Craft Fair items:

20130623_161131 20130623_162219 k (2) 20130610_203256 20130624_160931


Gifts/ Custom orders:

20130618_162215 IMG_20130617_224410

20130621_163630 20130621_163555 20130621_163507



20130622_124655 20130622_115609 20130608_145223


LOTS of this:


and this:



and tons of this too:

k (1) 20130624_125935

Had to pick… and wash… and pit… AND prepare cherries… lots and lots of cherries (WAY more than shown):

20130623_134630 IMG_20130623_142351-1


finally got Lilly’s hair cut. She may be edging on 6 but this is technically her first real haircut:

20130625_134204 20130625_141721


And finally plenty of this:




Actually, Tuesday night I ran 4.65 miles on the treadmill in 48 minutes. I was pretty darn proud of myself for that. I had a goal of running 4 miles and then way exceeded it. I might try for 5 tonight. :-D

Now that we are all caught up hopefully I can get on a regular posting schedule. I know how much I am missed afterall… yeah… :)  I may go back and elaborate on some of these things too. Like the garage sale finds. Seriously awesome prices!



Sew Sunday: Marketing

Okay, look! I am making a post about sewing… and on Sunday, no less!

Sadly I haven’t actually done any sewing so you just get to read about my great plans to do so and my new marketing venture towards it! (it already paid off too!) I decided to pretend a little more that I like to sew things to make a small about of money (miserably small right now) and made a business facebook page. It isn’t like it takes much to do this, but I wanted to add all of the pictures of my things I have made to this point and just make it look professional. I am still working on a logo of sorts for the ‘Striking Stitches’ but haven’t had a chance to really sit down and do it, imagine that. Here is the link to that: Striking Stitches on Facebook! I would love it for anyone and everyone to go like my page. I figure when I hit 100 likes I will go and do some kind of giveaway. 

I posted it in another facebook group I contribute towards frequently and already got a sale because one of the ladies looked through the pictures and saw the whales that I make! Yay! I ordered the fabric and will get that sent off ASAP once it is made! I have other friends that tell me all the time to do an etsy store and I suppose I might get closer to that point. I also don’t want to sign on for that and have it actually pan out and then be scrambling to get things done for the craft fair. I would love to make things and sell a lot and contribute financially but I also value the little sleep I already get and fear I would get less if things did pick up which would require me to be at the machine. I guess we shall see!

Something else I did today was inventory the stuff I do have on hand and make a production list of what I need to make for November. Nothing is particularly difficult but it just takes time to do all of the cutting and assembly line it all. I have half a mind to go buy 50 bobbins and pre-fill them just because I HATE with the firey passion of a thousand Hells filling the bobbin up when I am in a good rhythm. I have added some things to what I offered last year and the table was already cramped. I never really considered getting three tables but hopefully it doesn’t come down to needing that many! Just have to get more organized I guess!

I really need to get my house cleaned up. It feels like such a mess for some reason and it really isnt that it is awful, just cluttered. I also have a million other things I need to work on/do/plan etc. etc. etc. It just never ends. That’s okay I guess, 

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Weight Loss Wednesday: Not quite back in business

Okay so I didn’t weigh myself on the wii today. I could make excuses all day but really I was just afraid of what it would read. This is exactly why I NEED to get on the scale every week but I still just wasn’t feeling it so I didn’t. I weighed myself on the scale at the gym though and was less than thrilled with the 185 that put me at. I don’t want to believe that is where I am still but who knows. I have been pushing myself to do no less than 45 minutes on either the elliptical or treadmill and next week should start making myself do that and an additional 15-30 minutes on the weight machines. Tonight when I got to the gym it was actually really busy so I went right for the treadmill since I don’t like bumping elbows on the elliptical. I haven’t done the treadmill a lot because I don’t want to re-injure my hip but I MUST keep up the every other night elliptical/treadmill trade off. I am really happy to say that I ran a full 3.25 miles with no hip pain and no gall bladder flare-ups. (I have been having some mild gall bladder problems that are mostly diagnosed as “fatty deposits”. I’m hoping to keep it mild and no call for a removal or anything. I started at an 11 minute mile just to not start too hard too fast and worked my way up quickly to the 10 minute mile at a 2 incline. I usually don’t run more than a 1 incline but I wanted to see if it mattered for me. 

One thing I find interesting is the machines interpretation of calories burned for a workout. I can do 45 minutes on an elliptical and burn 750 calories without feeling like it is a super hard workout and I can do 45 minutes on a treadmill and feel like I’m dying (some days) and burn 600. I enjoy the treadmill because it does feel like a harder workout but I am not entirely sure that is what I should aim for. I still get my heart rate up on the elliptical and feel the workout in my legs more. 

One funny thing about tonight’s workout is something I didn’t notice until I was in the shower and washing my feet. I have gotten some blisters along the way but that was before I got better shoes. Other than that I haven’t really had a lot of problems. 


Excuse my stubby hairy man toes (part of the PCOS issues). I got a blood blister from running tonight! I didn’t think my toes hurt at all while I was running and, like I said, didn’t notice it until I was washing my feet. I feel like a real accomplished runner now! I know that sounds really weird, but you hear all sorts of things about runners and their gross toes from running and getting pushed into the front of their shoes. I feel like I can now say I have been there! 

I forgot to mention that my friend Panda asked about a new challenge for the summer that she is calling the No Regrets challenge. I am here to officially say I am up for it! I kind of pooped out last summer because two weeks after she started it my grandmother died and I got into a terrible funk. I wasn’t feeling awesome about much of anything after that so the awesomeness challenge just fell to the way side. This year, however, I could use some good old no strings attached motivation. If I succeed, fantastic. If I don’t reach the goals I set for myself, yeah I will be bummed, but I know I WILL get there and I am so tired of beating myself up over every single “mistake” I make. There is no point killing and stressing myself out if in the long run I will revert back to bad habits because of it. I may as well be myself and get there when I get there (within reason). This is also huge for me because I am one that regrets TONS of things in my life. Little things. Like… not going to a certain party that a bunch of people did and have great memories from or getting in a particularly foul mood over something dumb and saying something stupid. They are things that probably wouldn’t have changed my life drastically one way or another but I get all re-embarrassed about them even though they happened 10 years ago. So, to agree to a ‘No Regrets’ challenge really is something big for me. 

In other non-weight loss news: Is it fall yet and time for school to start? THREE DAYS into summer vacation and I am ready to pull my hair out. It doesn’t help that is has been chilly and rainy the past two days, but still the kids are just going nuts. Whining and bickering and not sharing and needing my CONSTANT attention. I understand I am their mother and am here for them but at the same time I am raising them to be independent and not rely on someone to constantly entertain them. I need my own vacation so very badly. oy. It really doesn’t help that Edison has some cold and I think the rest of us in the house are getting it too but still… I’m over it. Hopefully the weather perks up and I can get some scheduled activities in to make the moods improve and also fit in some good QUIET playtime amongst themselves to keep the peace. I was also a fool to think that the kids harmonious natures would last. They are each very strong willed independent children (wonder where they get that…) so of course they are going to battle for power over toys and the other kid. 

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Settling Down

Things may actually be calming. Slightly. I keep forgetting it is summer break now, and let’s face it, that can fill up and escape quickly! We survived the end of the school year, pre-school graduation for Lilly and recital rehearsal, recital, and the in-laws visiting for all of it. It really was a CRAZY busy weekend! I have always thrived on a hectic life, but I just had an awful nervous feeling all Thursday and night and most of Friday. I must have been channeling my inner past performer because I always got nervous when I had to perform routines for colorguard in high school.



Look at how much my baby has changed this year! I mean, glasses aside she just looks so much more grown up! She is very most definitely taller and her face is more elongated. While I don’t feel like I had Lilly super young or anything, I also don’t feel like I should be old enough to have a KINDERGARTNER!!! I asked Lilly what she wanted to give her teacher and classroom aide for thank you gifts and we settled on the tea wallets I sew along with a gift card for each. For her teacher she also wanted to make a pretty clipboard since they use those every morning. We drilled a hole for a string to hold the pen because I cant stand clipboards where you have to figure out where to put the pen. Lilly made Thank You cards using a great book I got from Barnes and Noble on Thumbprint art. So cute!

DSC_1153 DSC_1151

In addition to making these, trying to get to the gym, handling dance class, finishing up my garage sale stuff from the previous weekend and just many other normal things I made a big batch of homemade brownies for the class reception after the graduation. The graduation program was cute but I was kind of bummed they didn’t wear the mortar board hats.. It would have been cuter and would have made sense. Oh well, what are you gonna do. We got a lot of cute pictures with the friends she has made over the past year and headed home to get ready for recital rehearsal.

DSC_1213 DSC_1215 DSC_1303

I just love that Lilly does dance. It makes me so happy. That is probably because I never got to take dance lessons when I was little and would have loved to. I’m no dance mom or anything, don’t worry about that, I’m just happy that I am making it possible for her. She dances all the time. She memorizes dances from cartoon shows and dances those around the house and is just so fun to watch. This year the song her class used was “I enjoy being a girl”. Now, it’s not that all of the “tiny dancers” aren’t cute and talented for their age, but Lilly really had a fantastic class this year and everyone did such a great job at the performance! It was so much fun to watch! I have Lilly signed up for summer dance because I don’t see her as one to benefit from taking the break. Besides, like I said before, she loves it and it gives her something active to do at least once a week over the summer.

DSC_1272 DSC_1281 DSC_1321 DSC_1277 DSC_1338 DSC_1314

It was a good weekend. Sunday poor Paco worked all day to get the new playset built in the backyard for the kids. It is nice and sturdy so we don’t need to worry about the kids falling over someday.

I really haven’t made it to the gym often enough the past couple of weeks. I am looking forward to getting there every night this week no matter what and alternating my workouts on the elliptical and the treadmill. My hip is feeling better after I ran the other night and had no incident so I am going to slowly get back into running more. I still haven’t signed up for any 5k’s or anything which is frustrating and hopefully I can find one still but I need to get back in the habit of running before I would be comfortable completing one. I weighed myself at the gym the other night and was at 181 so I maintained enough of my flu weight loss to be happy! I just hope I can weigh in at 180 or less tomorrow. I am not super hopefully (recall that big pan of brownies I made… not much will power over those unfortunately) but the damage shouldn’t be too awful either.

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