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Diseased. It’s our new norm…

on January 23, 2013

If you followed me over from my other blog you know all about my kids and their preemie status’ starting life. You also know of some of the complications that arise with this. One of those that doesn’t seem to go away super quick is a considerably more weakened immune system than what “normal” kids usually have. Add in the fact that they lead a more sheltered life than those kids that have been exposed to daycare settings (i.e. LOTS of regular exposure to other kids and germs) because I am a stay at home mom and my kids tend to get sick quite a bit. Let me tell you… I AM OVER IT. When Lilly was born and I got sick with the severe pre-eclampsia I was lucky enough to get rid of allergies. When Edison was born and I once again got really sick I was unfortunate enough to get rid of MY immune system. Usually Lilly will get sick first, then Edison, then me because I am slimed all over all day long by Edison.

Well… we were all sick at the beginning of October, beginning of November, end of December  and now January. Lilly got over a virus early last week and while I thought I had doused my house in enough lysol to kill an entire civilization of germs I must have failed because last night Edison started coughing and was up every hour or so. I really hope I can avoid catching the bug myself this time because I just don’t want to deal with that again. In the mean time I shall get no more than 5 hours of very interrupted sleep for the next few nights and have lots of lazy downtime during the day. I appreciate the cuddle time since usually my 2 year old boy is just that.. ALL BOY… and running everywhere but it also doesn’t permit much else in the chore department.

Luckily I am one of those “I don’t have a house, I have a home” type person who doesn’t mind a bit of mess everywhere because then it feels lived in. I do, however, also enjoy having clean towels, sheets, and a nice surface to actually prepare our meals and a place to eat them.

I managed to get my pictures all off my memory cards, edited, and taken care of yesterday. I really should make some kind of habit of unloading those immediately after taking them as opposed to letting them accumulate. My organization process would go much more smoothly. After I got to look at the photos I took at the birthday party I decided I would be pretty happy with any constant 2.8 lens. but I was pretty happy with the focal length range that the 17-55 offered. I do think I would enjoy a 28-105 better, but I can see how that little bit would help with wide shots. It is easier to zoom in and crop on photos than it is to make a more wide space to fit everything in afterall. Now I need to find anywhere from $300 to… oh… $1000 to get a good worthwhile lens that fits this criteria. Add that to the rest of the money I need to “find” for various projects, expenses, and wish lists and.. yeah.. I need to miraculously find an awful lot of money… I will try to sift through the pictures and find some that I feel are acceptable to post without including any kids that aren’t mine.


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