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Only a matter of time

on January 29, 2013

I called it. I definitely caught what Edison had. So to review we were sick: beginning of October, beginning of November, end of December, Lilly 2 weeks ago, Edison last week, and me this week. DUDE. WHEN WILL IT END?!? I should note that we are fotunate enough to not get the flu or anything really similar. My 5 year old and 2 year old have never thrown up. Really, they each only had one major exorcist style spit up as babies (KNOCK ON WOOD PEOPLE…). The thing is with the flu you might have to suffer through the expense of tamiflu if you are that desperate otherwise it is a wait it out type game. Everything we have been hit with is the “get your butt to the doctor and get meds or you will be coughing up green crud FOREVER and want to die because your chest will be bruised and explode” type illnesses. This makes for a very expensive lifestyle of doctor visit co-pays and prescriptions.

Since the weather here is bipolar I took the opportunity to use the 56 degree temps as a reason to open the windows to air the house out. In addition to getting some good cross breeze I disinfected just about every surface, changed ALL the sheets, deep cleaned the bathroom, humidifier, vacuumed (for an hour), washed all the old sheets and a load of Edison’s clothes that needed to be done and really it seems like something else. Why does that list not seem like much? It’s not like I never clean. I clean all the frickin’ time. I don’t vacuum once a day like is recommended, but I do so once a week (which I know is more than plenty of people). I also change sheets about that often. I might slip and go two weeks. I can’t stand icky counters so I am always wiping those down with either my norwex or lysol (contradictory, I know). Either way, I am hoping this does the trick. I’m super tired of all of the illness around here. It just seems like we catch things more frequently than others I know. Rawr.

So speaking of the weather… Sunday we had an ice storm and fog, Monday thick fog and thunderstorms, today is rainy and started at 56 degrees, tomorrow we are projected to get 3-6 inches of snow and Thursday is FREEZING cold with dangerous windchills. W.T.F. Iowa?  I am kind of happy Lilly doesn’t have school tomorrow just so I don’t have to deal with the snow right away.  I love Iowa weather and am happy for winter and snow. This year: not so much. I am over it. We only had one good snow storm and then it was so cold we couldn’t get out and play in it. Still, I just want warmer weather. I want to get out of the house and play with the kids and open the windows to get rid of the dumb germs!

On a less complainy front I went to the second of two photo classes last night. It was only 5 years coming, but since I have a DSLR I took a class offered by the local camera store where it was purchased. I truly love Photo Pro. They are so fantastic and helpful! Funny story though, since I have been using that camera for 5 years, I kind of knew most everything that they covered. I actually felt smart. Was it worth the 7 total hours of my time? I haven’t decided yet. It was good to review and make sure I was using my camera to its full potential and I totally walked away with some new and good information. The class did just make me want a new lens even more. I really need to figure out how to sell off stuff here. Garage sale or internet based avenues such as facebook and craigslist?


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