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Dirty Thirty

on February 13, 2013

Well I had intended posting a week ago but it has kind of been a crazy start to my 30’s. I still need to work on that list of things to do in the coming year. It would help if I finished the list… hmmm.

My actual birthday (Feb. 7th) had a fantastic start. I went to Caribou coffee in the hy vee here in town to get a coffee since my mother in law sent a gift card for just that purpose. I made a fleeting comment about how they should give free drinks on birthdays. To which they replied “We do! Is it your birthday?!” Heck yes it was! Hello free salted caramel mocha for me! They even put it in a special birthday cup that says Happy Birthday messages all over it. How cool is that? Then my mom, brother and Edison went to a new-ish restaurant with Tapas for lunch. I wasn’t super impressed but it was nice to try something new and different for once. I got a free dessert there too! The rest of the day was uneventful enough until Paco came home to take me out to dinner. I don’t remember if I posted it or not but his car got hit by a teenager the previous week so we decided to get an estimate on the damage since he was home a little early and my mom was watching the kids. Well that didn’t get us very far except to find out it really isn’t safe to drive and they wont do the estimate without the claim number which had not been established because the other people involved were evading the insurance company. Grrr. We got home, grabbed the van and went to a fantastic restaurant for dinner and then Orange Leaf for froyo (almost completely free for both of us with my ounce back card!). There wasn’t a lot of fanfare but it was a pretty happy birthday regardless.

orange icee dessert. It was delicious!

orange icee dessert. It was delicious!

The next day was almost more exciting because I wrote the check to pay off my van. It would be the first time in 8 years that I would not have a car payment. It’s a great feeling. Then we had to get a new car for Paco. grumble. I would have loved 6 months of no payments even to save up but no such luck. Luckily though the fault is officially on the other driver and we just have to wait for a check for the car and for them to haul it away. Paco is pretty happy having a new car too and I will actually feel like the kids are safe riding in it.



The great news of a new car does not come without frustration. Now my van is having issues. We just cant seem to go 5 minutes without some disaster. It looks like maybe there are some transmission things going on so please send good thoughts that it isn’t that or that it is easily (and cheaply) fixable. We cant afford repairs or another new car. Besides, one of my greatest fears is getting stalled on a super busy street blocking traffic. Knowing my luck this will happen but I hope not.

Valentines Day is tomorrow and while we really don’t have any plans and probably wont give gifts or anything it is always a special day for me since that is when Paco proposed to me (9 years ago, yikes!). I tend to go a little over the top where I can because of this I think. Case in point: since Lilly’s class is a manageable size this year with no allergies we decided to make her valentines and do them a little special. I bought fry boxes from Pick Your Plum, used twine from one of the grab boxes, took a picture and used a free font from Over the Big Moon, and baked up some “french fry” sugar cookies. End result: Awesome. Plus, I can proudly say it was NOT pinterest inspired. I came up with this all on my very own. Although the phrase on them is lame.. I could not think of a fry related valentine saying. I’ll post better pictures tomorrow once I get them off the memory card, until then I have one from the phone.

frosting our french fry cookies with "ketchup" ... and LOTS of sprinkles :)

frosting our french fry cookies with “ketchup” … and LOTS of sprinkles 🙂

Happy Valentine's!

Happy Valentine’s!

I have finally gotten back into a good [enough] routine back at the gym. I had to take a couple weeks off because I was sick and then Paco was out of town. That was a frustrating couple of weeks. I really appreciate being able to go to the gym so much. I am still too afraid to step on a scale right now though. I know I have put some of my weight back on so I don’t want to check it until I know I have gone down a little. I know that is so backwards and dumb because I cant track progress if I don’t check it but still.. I don’t want to get discouraged either. I think I have at least lost a couple pounds of water weight because my rings are sliding everywhere and ready to fall off like they were at the lightest I had gotten. This is both good and bad I guess. It shows progress but I am completely pressing my luck with the rings. I am bound to lose them if I’m not careful. I know I will get to where I want to be, I just have to be diligent and make good choices. All of the terribly unhealthy birthday freebies don’t help. Why cant they give free birthday salads? I am too much of a cheapo/loves freebies to not cash in on them but how much ice cream can one person eat? Okay, I DO love ice cream so really I could probably handle plenty… but shouldn’t.


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