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Catching up on Crafts

on February 26, 2013

I’m getting pretty good at only updating this once a week. I doubt anyone is terribly disappointed since I really don’t feel I offer much insight on life or, you know… anything.

Anyway. We have remained blissfully unaware of the real problems with the van because I haven’t taken it in and weirdly enough it hasn’t had any bad episodes like the one before. Am I pressing my luck? Yes. Could I end up paying a lot more by waiting? Undoubtedly. BUT, right now the new battery seems to have done something to improve it and so we’ll just go with that while we can. It does still need new brake pads BADLY so when I take that in maybe the mechanics there can shed some light on any other problems.
In the meantime I have been super busy trying to use up the beads I have collected over the past few years and have made some jewelry pieces to try to sell. I may as well. I couldn’t possibly ever wear everything that can be made from them and I wouldn’t have anywhere to put them anyway. Plus, like I said, if I can do anything to make some money for the repairs it’s a good thing. I am going to try to get pictures taken and posted of those today and get some opinions from other crafters about pricing. I really truly and genuinely don’t expect to generate much interest from this attempt but I figure it really doesn’t hurt and anything that I can sell NOW will just go into the craft fair in November. Pre-made all ready t go. It’s worth the try. And if it doesn’t sell at all then fine. I fail and apparently should not pretend I have any talents. boo. Here is this set just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! I will admit… there are a few I make (because they are probably more catered to my tastes) that I will have a hard time parting with!


Speaking of talents and crafting, I have been busy with a couple other projects (and the really disastrous state of my house shows it…). I got the idea from a Facebook craft group I follow to make some zipper flowers clips! I LOVE THEM! I got the alligator clips in the mail so I was finally able to sit down and make one. I did a two-tone color flower and really like it. It’s a bit bigger than I think I will make the rest, but for my first one it turned out pretty cool. Hopefully those sell at the fair too! I will include a stretch headband with some and leave the rest just as plain clips.

20130225_202258 20130225_202340 20130226_103822

I am also really excited about another project to start on. As I have mentioned in the past, both my kidlets spent some time in the NICU when they were born. Edison was there for 68 days and had any number of struggles because of his 2.2# start to life. I still look at him and know that I completely take him for granted because he is so perfect and intelligent and should have so many medical problems. I owe so much to the doctors and nurses in that NICU family that just participating in or volunteering for the March of Dimes (very dear to my heart) doesn’t seem to cut it. One of the nurses posted a link on Facebook for a tutorial to a preemie size sleep sack and made a comment about how great it would be to have some. I am absolutely doing this! I already ordered the zippers and just need to go find some cute fleece and I am set to make a dozen 5-6lb blanket sleeper sacks to donate. I want to do the smallest size because that is the size both of my kids would have needed for their entire stay and that is the harder size to come by. I’ll definitely post updates on these as I get a chance to work on them!

Lastly, it’s not really crafty per se but last night Paco asked if I could bake a cherry pie for him to take into work. I didn’t even hesitate and of course made one. It is the BEST pie crust I have ever made. It’s not like I make a habit of having bad ones, but this one had the most perfect marbling and softness to it. I know they are enjoying it in the lab so that makes me happy! If we ever move I will without a doubt plant a cherry tree. I have gotten so used to picking my own cherries from my backyard and saving them for pies and treats that I just can’t imagine not having one!



In other not super exciting news I have decided I am totally fed up and disgusted with myself. Honestly. I am sure I mentioned it before but start Friday, March 1 I am hardcore sticking to a weight loss plan to get rid of this weight that has crept back up on me. I hate how it happens and I don’t even understand it because really truly we don’t eat that badly. The plan is to cut out the coffee drinks during the week and have green tea every morning instead. I will allow myself to indulge on Saturday and Sunday but not all the time either. I am also going to get back to tracking every little thing on loseit.com like I did before. I would like to say there is some dramatic change I could make at the gym but that has been fairly consistent for me. Due to weather/conflicts I have only made it 5 days a week but dude.. FIVE DAYS a week isn’t bad. I know plenty of people on weight loss plans that go 3 days a week and succeed. That’s it, I must be working out too much. HA! In all honestly I do need to figure out what to do differently at the gym to get better results. I know I need to work back up to consistently running no less than 3 miles without stopping each night. The only reason I stopped doing that is because my hip really started to hurt. The plan is to lose 20 pounds by the 4th of July. This will put me at my “acceptable weight” of 165. Obviously ideally I would get down to 150 and hopefully I will, but I don’t really feel the need to be less than that. My BMI says I shouldn’t be heavier than 145. Let’s face it though… if I can’t maintain 175 for more than a few months I wouldn’t stand a chance at anything around 135 or so. I would be more than happy at 150 and even 160-165. Now everyone just needs to hold me to it. I might even do the whole before and after picture thing for this 20 pounds. I never did when I was at 222 and really wish I did because THAT shows a difference for sure!


3 responses to “Catching up on Crafts

  1. I used to be very overweight, 276 and now i’m 178…i can’t seem to get below there ever since i got married my lowest was 152 and i still felt large ( go figure). My BMI said 150 is the high end so we’re probably pretty close in height. And I too get down on my crafts and life and the house. I think as a mom it’s so overwhelming. But from your description i doubt you are untalented. And if you are working out 5 days a week you may be working out too much. I’ve never been able to maintain a schedule like that so kudos to you. That’s amazing. I’m having a hard time committing to 2 days.I need someone to kick me in the butt. I always feel better when i’m working out you’d think i could just do it! No pun intended. I’m a slacker.

    • Erica says:

      That is fantastic! You are a huge inspiration! I with I could say I even got down the 50# but just shy of it stopped and then started putting it back on so rawr.. weight… And I agree… keeping up with anything is overwhelming when there are a million and 5 things to do! Oh, and don’t give me too much credit, the main reason I go is because I pay for it and so I have a terrible time with the whole “Im paying for it so I MUST GO to get my money’s worth” mentality. I need to get over the cardio is what makes you lose weight and make myself do just weights a couple of the days.

      • I have a gym in my neighborhood at the amenities center which technically I pay for. Hmmmm maybe good motivation there. I know my dr said weight training is good because muscle burns fat. I do weights about 3 days a week but that just started again. I’m gonna work in some dancing while i clean….i have to quit being so lazy! I get bored quickly with traditional workouts and my cling ons, i mean my children , make it hard to escape. Excuses excuses i know.

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