Misadventures Of An Average Mom

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on March 4, 2013

…is next to craftiness or more like necessary for craftiness I suppose. I have a great long time friend from all the way back in elementary school. She is one of those people where we were BEST friends in 1st through.. eh.. 4th grade then fell into different groups of friends. Then went through the awkward middle school/part of high school age. Then we fell into the everyone gets along and is happy. Now after high school everyone seems to fall into this mutual “what the hell was wrong with people back in the middle school and high school age and life is life so get over it” stage. i.e. there are no cliques or segregation or hard feelings. Anyway.. we were never at outs or angry towards each other, just took different paths. With the insurgence of Facebook everyone can be friends and connect which is wonderful because it opens up the possibility of great friendships and ways to connect where it could otherwise be hard. Wow.. so, tangent. Anyway. Since I am pretty quick to publicize my crafty things on facebook (mostly because I am pretty proud of myself for pulling most things off and still have a hard time admitting I have any talent) people can see what I make. Well, her good friend just had a baby and as a gift she got her some of the bibs I make. Since the baby has been around apparently mom thinks they are fantastic and my friend asked if I could make some more for her. YES! BUT, first I needed to clean up the disaster area that had become my sewing space. I say space because we have the equivalent of 4 rooms crammed into one 250 square foot space. yeah, no joke.. the whole basement is 460 square feet and that divides out to 2 rooms, a small hallway going back to the teeny bathroom and then the laundry area. So divide it up and the main room is probably 250 square feet.

The bibs were a really great excuse to clean up. The problem is (refer back to the limited space to work with) and I had no where to put anything to clean it. It is always just a matter of constantly moving things out of the way just to have them end up back in the same spot. Recently I received my Acuvue rebate for buying contacts and thought I may as well “splurge” and use that on a cabinet to store my fabrics and other sewing/crafting things. I made sure to go grab that before Paco was sent off to San Diego for work so he could assemble it and I could stock it. SO HAPPY I BOUGHT THAT. Best $65 ever spent.  Now my space is all nice and happy and I can sew those preemie project blanket sleepers for our local NICU and all of the other projects I have in the queue. I think after the blanket sleepers I will make a super quick blanket for Edison then I will move on to the clothes sewing. I have too many things I want to make for myself and the kids. First up will be some new PJ pants for ME! Then a ruffle skirt for Lilly. Probably a pair of cute pants for Edison. We shall see where the wind takes us I guess.

Here is my nice newly cleaned up space. Still limited area, but all nice and usable! Just have to move onto the other side of the room that is a cluttered mess. We are going to sell any number of the things sitting there, just need to wait for warmer weather to do a garage sale!



p.s. I do take some really fantastic pictures. With my real camera. The phone was the easiest to capture the space and it’s not like I need great quality pictures of this space since I don’t really want to print any or use them for anything. I should still try to get nice ones up though. shame on me.


3 responses to “Cleanliness….

  1. Stacy says:

    What a nice big space you have – mine is a little smaller, so I have to spread it out. Crafting in one room and sewing in another. ❤

    • Erica says:

      Thanks! It is nice, but it has definitely taken some time to get to that point! Not long ago I was pulling the sewing machine out and using it on the dining table everytime I wanted to sew something, what a pain!

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