Misadventures Of An Average Mom

Because Average is the New Awesome!

Computer updates.

on March 14, 2013

Not lost. Not dead. Just annoyed. I had a nice start to a post all ready and then the darn update icon popped up and restarted my computer. poop. I should 1. pay more attention to those and 2. I should learn how to use wordpress better/ wordpress should SAVE the draft forever, not just as you are typing it. Whichever one of those fits this situation better. Probably the former. 

So, I will get to an update. Not that I have a ton of stuff to throw out there, but I have had a pretty great few days at the gym since Paco came home. I am almost done with the preemie sleep sacks. I kind of submitted a form to take on dogs that need foster homes until they get adopted… 

So, you know. This and that but nothing thrilling. Per usual. What else do you expect from me?



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