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Baking, Sewing, and Life; Oh My!

on March 20, 2013

Last week was a fun change in the household as we put Edison in his big boy toddler bed. I was nervous at how this would go because he is one of those stereotypical BOYS that you don’t want to grant any more freedom than is necessary right now. I have been really pleasantly surprised at how well he is sleeping. The first night was a trick to get him to understand that it was actually bed time and not playtime but after getting up once more he was out and slept all night. He has only woken up a couple of nights and goes right to sleep when we put him in bed! Thursday morning he finally did the silent creeper kid by coming in at 4am and just stood quietly right at eye level next to my bed before I woke up and jumped about 10 feet because there was a shadow staring at me. Kids can be too stealthy. The only downside so far to the bed vs. crib is that naps are apparently a thing of the past. This does not always bode well for the little dude. He really does still need the naps but just refuses. Heck, I still need the nap times to get stuff done that I cannot otherwise. (Find me a mom who can fold a whole ton of clothes without a 2.5 year old taking them all and walking through, tossing around, or generally getting in the way and I will give them an award).

DSC_0643 DSC_0650


I finished the preemie sleep sacks I wanted to make and donate to the NICU here. I have said it before, but I owe so much to the doctors, nurses, and staff at our NICU that cared for both of my kids. If there is any small thing I can do to support and help other families that have to stay there I am more than willing and happy to do it. The sleep sacks came together quickly. Once I had everything cut out each one took me no more than 30 minutes. The only reason it took that long is that the neckline was kind of a trick to pull down and sew without having any folds. I made an even dozen in 6 different prints and Denise (the head nurse and person who posted the tutorial link) was so excited and happy to have them. This is the pdf tutorial, otherwise other info can be found at The Preemie Project. I highly encourage anyone to look into their local NICU’s to help out.





Monday was the start of spring break for Lilly so Edison and I have her company this week in the mornings. We haven’t done anything super exciting or special but I am hoping we can convince daddy to take a vacation day from work Friday so we can all do something. Yesterday morning we were going through our typical morning routine and I decided I was hungry but didn’t know what to have for breakfast. My system does not handle eggs well and the kids don’t like them anyway. We didn’t want pancakes because we just had them and the mix I have doesn’t really taste very good. We don’t even have cereal so I was left to hunt for a muffin recipe. I figured I should have everything needed to make them and love making anything from scratch anyway. Plus, throw in a quick math and science lesson an we are good! I did take food science in college, after all, and muffins were one of those that we had to take a test over. leavening, carbon dioxide and air tunnels, peaks (well, no peaks is more accurate I suppose) and measuring/fractions. It was a good time. Lilly was following but jumbling it up too. It was still fun. Anyway, both kids helped out and had a lot of fun and they were quite tasty and perfect. My only complaint would be the baking time. The recipe says 20-25 minutes but I checked them at 18 and took them out and feel they could have done a minute less. The recipe I used was just from All Recipes but it was really good!




Okay, last bit here and I will end this forever long post! We decided to try fostering a dog here. I don’t know how well it will work out with two kids and a very established dog in the house already but my service sorority chapter has been sponsoring a local animal rescue this year and I just couldn’t help but feel awful for some of the situations dogs are pulled from and the reasons for being abandoned. We adopted Bailey from a shelter when she was one, someone dropped her at a local mall parking lot and left, and we have never regretted it. I will add that we WILL NOT adopt another dog right now, but fostering is a way to help out without a permanent commitment at the moment. We are getting a basset hound mix named Gus on Saturday. Lilly is beyond excited. The one thing that will prevent me from taking another dog is how well she handles the whole dog in and dog out scenario. We shall see I guess!


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