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Sew Sunday! : wide open zipper pouch

on April 8, 2013

Look I am posting something on the day I said I was going to! GASP! And guess what? I even already have next Sunday’s “Sew Sunday” project done and photographed. woo! Okay so this week/weekend I actually got pretty crafty and made a few things. The first and main one was a little wide open pouch to give in addition to a couple of other little gifts for one of Lilly’s classmates for her birthday. JoAnn finally got some more Hello Kitty fabric that wasn’t flannel and I loved the print options so so I grabbed a yard of two designs because I know a certain other little girl that will love anything made from them as well. I wanted to make a little purse type bag that wasn’t too complicated and that wasn’t just a standard tote (I make a lot of those… see bottom of this very post actually…). I used this tutorial and made a couple of additions of my own for the sake of making it easier for a 5 year old to carry around.


getting ready to cut fabric


I chose the medium size and cut 2 pieces outer and 2 pieces lining at 9″x12″ plus 2 16″ cuts of ribbon and 1 12″ zipper


adding the ribbon handle and zipper


sewing the zipper


zipper assembled!


squaring the corners.


finished pouch!


inside of finished pouch!

I think it turned out really cute even though I have a couple of complaints but they are a result of my being a perfectionist and anal retentive. I have the pieces cut out for a second one that looks just like this that Lilly will get eventually but I have other projects I want to do before I get back to this. I also made a tote bag for an almost 2 year old boy who is the son of a couple of our friends. They just had a baby born at 31 weeks 6 days and are in the NICU. Since both Lilly and Edison had NICU stays (Edison an extended one) I can completely sympathize with any mom that has to leave one baby at home just to go spend time with another. I also know the toll the NICU can take on you after a while wanting to be there but not having anything to do because you can only hold the baby so much to not stress them out. Anyway, I bought some stuff for mom and dad and then made a tote for the older brother filled with some crayons, coloring book, and a couple other little things. I said they can either keep it there to entertain him when he comes along for a visit or send it home for a little something special since he probably isn’t used to the time away from mom etc. I didn’t bother with a tutorial on that one because I have made so many, but I totally added the crayon pockets on the front on my own. It is super simple but I was still proud of myself. We were also excited to have another excuse to go visit the fantastic staff of the NICU. I made some brownies for the folks there on Saturday.

Reversible tote bag with crayon pockets on outside

Reversible tote bag with crayon pockets on outside

Lastly I finally got my FOE (fold over elastic) that I had ordered from Pick Your Plum and the chiffon flowers I ordered from this shop on etsy. I have wanted the FOE for a really long time so I can finally make some shirts for the kids and other fun things that uses it but I also wanted to break into this headband phenomenon that also uses it. That is where the chiffon flowers come in. I made some clips with the flowers in the state university colors and used the best match FOE for them to go on. This way the clips can be interchangeable or worn without the headband at all! 20130407_134015 20130407_134151

I’m happy that I got to spend some time making things this week. It helps that the husband was away on travel so I didn’t go to the gym and I was up late most nights anyway. Hopefully I can get some posts in that are normal routine life things here. We really aren’t up to a whole lot. I need to get Lilly signed up for some summer activities. Edison seems to have caught a cold so we will see how that plays out. Thank goodness it didn’t happen until the day Paco got home so I wasn’t on my own with even less sleep. p.s. sorry for the crappy phone photos. I don’t want to turn into the person that takes more pictures with the phone than the camera, but it was there and easy at the time.


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