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Weight Loss Wednesday: Finally ready!

on April 10, 2013

Okay, so here’s the deal, I still don’t have an exact weight because I am lame and have decided I will offset things (strange) and weight myself on Sundays because it is just easier. I will still post on Wednesday though. It kind of gives me a halfway point filled with the anticipation of what Sunday will bring! Yeah, not really but I will weigh myself at the gym and get an idea of how I’m doing for the week based off of that too and how much more I need to push myself til my next weigh in. 

Anyway, best guess is that I am back up to 188. Ugh. A couple of years ago I would have been thrilled and not even able to believe I could be at 188 again. Now, since I was at 176 last August, 188 just feels high. That, and I can actually physically FEEL the extra pounds. I am the worst at maintaining and one of the problems that has kept me form jumping back in is the whole “why bother, I’m just going to gain it back” mentality. I must get over this and I would rather lose it and gain and lose and gain and catch myself before I get back to really challenging weights. 

The other problem is that even though 188 probably doesn’t seem high to a lot of people I carry weight so terribly. Due to the PCOS it all sits right in the front of my tummy. Add this to the whole c-section baby pouch/crappy genetics and I just look heavier than I am. 

I have done pretty well so far this week even though I didn’t get an official weight. I have been within my calorie allotment, gone to the gym every night here, and just made some better choices. I have also been coffee free too! I wonder if the sudden lack of caffeine will hinder my weight loss abilities… must research. The thing is I wasn’t exactly drinking any caffeinated beverages that are helping in the long run. I mean, truly, mochas… yeah there is a double shot of espresso in each one, but there is also milk, sugar, chocolate, etc.

I also think I am carrying around a lot of water weight all of the sudden. I usually drink a TON (100+ounces) per day of water, and always have, but I need to make an effort to definitely have this amount or slightly more to flush my system. I toyed with the idea of a weekly water pill or something but would need to look into it. I know if doesn’t make you lose any actual weight, but I really think it has been getting in the way of my running at the gym because I just feel so bogged down and ick. 

I think I am also still catching up on sleep in general and this is causing me to be more sluggish. I was up late all last week then right when Paco got home Edison and Lilly both got sick and have been up multiple times in the night which means I am too. 

Hopefully I will have a little bit better report for next week. So far I’m feeling good enough, but know I do need to try harder and really be disciplined. The weather is kind of blah here today and Lilly has dance so I threw a roast in the crock pot that I will turn into beef stew and biscuits. I think the plan at the moment is to look up beef stew and really measure out how much is what I can have. I like beef stew, but it is a loaded dish. I may even forgo the biscuit. This is sad because I make them from scratch and forgive the gloating, but they are darn tasty!


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