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Sew Sunday: Tiered Ruffle Skirt

on April 15, 2013


This week I finally got around to using some fabric I got from our local JoAnn’s when they cleared out inventory to move into their new store location. The sheer fabric I used for the ruffles here is usually $12 per yard but since you had to buy things in whatever amount was left on the bolt and they discounted it (and then had a sale on the discount) I got 4 inches shy of 5 yards for $8.50. Total. I paid considerably less for 5 yards than one would have cost me full price! My kind of bargain for sure! I still have so much of it left after this skirt that I can make one for me if I really wanted!

Anyway on to the skirt! I knew I wanted to make a ruffle skirt for Lilly before I even found this fabric, it just worked out so well with the price that I knew this would be what I used. I have had it for ages and finally found a tutorial for one that I liked well enough to give a try. I was going to just wing it after look at any number of skirts online but ultimately decided to follow the set tutorial at A Girl and a Glue Gun. It was super easy and came together in just a couple of hours. The gathering of the ruffles and then sewing each row down is what takes the longest.

Below is my typical photo group that shows the process but for more detailed instructions, please follow the link above.


Debated for a long time but used 30″ x 18″ for the base rectangle


9″ wide (folded in half) by 40″ long. Wanted enough length to give some good gathering


Clean serged edges!


sewing the hem


sewed each strip on and then this was before I gathered the waist band to the top.


I used the serger to sew the seam and connect the skirt


Finished product!

 Now unfortunately I added one too many rows of ruffle and decided to error on the side of caution a bit too much so the skirt is both too long AND too wide for my poor miss. Sheesh. It will make a great skirt for her NEXT year. She isn’t too bummed about it. She adores it because of the sparkle ruffle girly factor and really she can wear it if she wants to. I might just make an adjustment to take it in temporarily. I also didn’t expect it to have a ton of twirl factor or anything given the way it was made but it is just a tad too straight for my tastes and even Lilly commented that she can’t do her splits in it. Overall I am really happy with it and am excited for my next couple of projects that are clothing items for Edison, MYSELF, and Lilly.


Super Lilly in her Super Skirt!

Never fear, I have enough of this fabric left over that I plan on making a layered circle skirt for her also that definitely WILL fit her for this summer. Thanks for checking us out!



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