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Weight Loss Wednesday: lacking motivation

on April 18, 2013

I feel like, as a runner, I cant make a post where I talk about my running accomplishments without mentioning the terrible events that happened at the Boston Marathon. I only just recently allowed myself to be referred to as a runner and have let myself wonder about whether or not I could partake in a half marathon or even a marathon… or if I would even want to. The one thing I did always know was not whether I would finish, or what my time would be, but that my family would hopefully be there at the end waiting for me and the accomplishment (because trust me, it would be an accomplishment!). The fact that it seems the spectators were more of a target than the runners is so painfully disturbing and heartbreaking. I am sad for the people affected, their families, and the country in general. I don’t understand people who could do anything like this to innocent people, but I am okay with that. If I could understand what they do or how they think then I wouldn’t know what kind of person that would make me. My heart goes out to those who need healing and hope peace and justice can be found.

As for my week in get fit, healthier, and weight loss I don’t really have much to report. I feel better and less sluggish. I have run a full 5k every night at really good times (yesterday was 3.1 in 29.1 minutes) and then I do another mile or so at a high incline and average/fast walking speed. Tonight I did 52 minutes on the elliptical just to switch things up a bit. Tomorrow I have a meeting and they usually run late so I wont make it, but I have always planned to take one night off per week so it just works out! I need to add the weight lifting back into the routine on a little more regular basis. I need to start looking into a couple 5k’s to run this summer because I think that would keep my motivation up as well. 

I wont lie and say I ate fantastically this week either. I didn’t just pig out on junk food, but I could have made better choices. I am finding it difficult to get back into the mind set needed to really buckle down and get to the point that I need to. I am getting increasingly disappointed in myself and know that I need to do this for myself. Come Hell or high water (which admittedly does seem to be in abundance right now with all the rain here…) I WILL get weight off and feel healthier by this summer. 

And yes, I realize I am beginning to sound like a broken record and am not much for motivations since I cant seem to gather it for myself. Oy. 


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