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Sew Sunday: A work in Progress

on April 21, 2013

Well I do have a quasi sewing post today. The thing is, I just started the project today! I have a sorority event on Thursday and wanted to make a dress for MYSELF to wear. (I’m a member of Beta Sigma Phi International sorority. It is service oriented for a non-college setting). I can’t even remember how long ago it was that I bought the pattern I am using but it was from JoAnn’s during one of their many $1 pattern sales.

Cutting is the biggest pain the butt part and after going back and forth deciding how I wanted to size the pieces (I fell in between because I’m not super chesty anymore but have a broad back) and didn’t want to start until I knew for sure what I wanted to do. I consulted my sister in law who has sewn considerably more dresses than I have to see what she thought. I was happy that it turned out I was pretty much on the same page as her!

I have the pieces all cut out and have mostly assembled the bodice piece and was going to attach the cap sleeves when the kids were getting to be a bigger pain than Paco wanted to handle alone (I don’t blame him). Honestly after I get the bodice completely finished I think the rest of the dress should come together pretty easily. And that includes adding a zipper on the side which totally intimidates me!


Dress making! I’m a little further along than this now though

While I was getting the black fabric for the dress I also found this madras print that I, for some reason, LOVE. I went ahead and got it since I had a 50% off coupon and will make a nice summery purse to carry. Oh, speaking of purse! If I have time and find a nice tutorial I may even make myself a little matching clutch to go with my dress!


Love this madras print! Going to be such a cute bag!

I will update when I get the whole thing done but hopefully it isn’t more than a couple of days because the dinner I want to wear it to is Thursday!

Wish me luck that I get it finished and that it is presentable!


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