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Dress Update and other thoughts

on April 23, 2013

Well, I got so busy working on my dress that I skipped the gym not only Sunday night but last night as well! Argh! On the plus side I finished my dress and it turned out great. I think it is pretty true to the pattern and everything looks great. It is wonderful for my very first fully constructed dress. So, the down side… it is definitely 2 sizes TOO BIG. Ugh. I mean. boo hoo whimper whine and cry. I have honestly done nothing but laugh over it because it is so silly to be big in the areas it is and really, there is nothing I can do but laugh. No point getting mad or overly frustrated. I am proud of myself for doing a good job on it. And, before I go any further.. okay I did have to call in mommy to the rescue to help with the zipper because it really did have a strange construction for that. She was having a hard time of it at first too. After some instruction I  got it sewed up and done.

Here is the pattern I used. I got this at one of JoAnn’s many $1 pattern sales. I cant even remember when I bought it. Probably 2 years ago. When I would have fit into it because I was bigger! Seriously… The fabric was $11 total for what I used. Not bad for a nice dress!


The problem with the sizing is part bodice and part my BODY. I now know that when I look for patterns in the future I need to avoid anything that looks like it has a remotely wide shoulder. The reason for this is that I DO NOT have wide shoulders. They are narrow and slopey instead of wide and broad. The dress definitely needs a wide shoulder to stay on. The other problem is that it goes down so low that you really do have to have some lift to your chest to hold it up right. How sad does that sound? I’m 30 and already on the downward slope. Droopy boobs and all.


crappy cell phone picture. It wasn’t even worth taking a nice one because, well, what’s the point!


If you look really closely you can actually see that the bodice goes down a good 2 inches BELOW my bra… which is the higher black part.. yeah… that’s not even cleavage at the point. That’s indecent exposure!

Like I said, all in all I am really proud of myself for doing the dress. It ran the gambit for things that were included on it: darts in the bodice, lining, pockets, pleats, and hook and zipper. Oy! With the exception of the zipper I did all of it completely by myself (and the zipper was the very last step so I made it far!). I will definitely try to make something for myself again but I will make sure to triple check and get some advice before I do any cutting and sewing! I’m still trying to decide what to do with this one. I can try to sell it but doubt it would. I could take it apart and use the purple fabric that I LOVE to make something else. I don’t know.

On to other things. So maybe I am alone in this but with all of the social media outlets popping up I find that I am in a constant state of either “updating my status” or “writing” out entire blog posts with nothing but an internal dialogue. i.e. I walk around in a  borderline schizophrenic state thinking up all the things I could post never to follow through with even 90% of them but it’s sadly exhausting. Yeah, when written out I probably am alone in that. Well, just have me committed I guess, it would be nice vacation.

Another thing that has been on my mind is the constant desire to find some way to contribute financially to my family. I still hold that it would just be impossible for me to have a “real” full time job because I just couldn’t find one that pays enough to have someone else raise my kids. A part time is out of the question too because Paco sometimes has to work weird hours (going back in throughout the evening), he travels for work (will be in June again), and I have more and more meetings creeping up plus the activities for the kids this summer! I honestly don’t feel that busy but it sure seems like I’m always having to work around something. Anyway, there is a local photographer in town who does great work and I am sure I don’t compare at all but she does spring and fall mini photo sessions for families. She charges something like $150 for a 15 minute shoot and you get 5-10 photos on a disk. I was thinking (and this is NOT to undercut photographers because I know how much work goes into that job and it is worth every dime you pay a professional) but I was thinking of offering something like this to friends/family/friends of friends. I would only charge $50-$75 for 10-15 images on a disk. I do think I take some good quality photos and like to think people see them as at least a little better than most people or point and shoot. I edit to make them look nice but not unrealistic (30 photoshop layers is totally unnecessary in my opinion). I don’t know. I just love taking pictures and think it could work out well. It might even get more interest in it and more people who want me to take their pictures on a regular basis. I don’t know how much time I would want to put into it in the long run, but I do love it and could see myself working more with it when the kids are a little older.


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