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Weight Loss Wednesday: Progress is Progress

on April 25, 2013

I weighed myself at the gym tonight (yeah yeah.. okay so the official plan to get an official weight on the wii is to do it on May 1. I am much better at nice round memorable numbers anyway.) Besides, the scale at the gym is doctor grade and I know they calibrate it so it is reliable. And, as tested, my weight is 4 pounds higher in the evening after I have eaten and exercised than it is on an empty stomach in the morning after I have exercised. Yes, I am OCD enough that I tested this once to see what the difference would be. Remarkably I measured the same way on the same day and it is pretty on the mark with the wii so that is good to know that the wii is pretty accurate.  IT’s just nice that I am not disillusioning myself.

I digress. I weighed in a pound less than last week. So, that is progress. A pound is a pound no matter how you look at it and as long as it is in the downward direction I am happy. The good and bad about this is that I don’t really I feel I did enough to deserve a pound loss. This really actually motivates me to work considerably harder. I truly have been in the excuses mindset (not obvious at all, right?) and have just kept telling myself that “it was worse”. “I have been heavier”. “I am still less than where I was”. Obviously none of these are acceptable because 10 pounds can so easily turn into 20 which turns into 40 and then I am screwed again and miserable.

I want to remind myself and anyone else who cares to read this that I really am needing to lose the weight to be healthier. I feel more sluggish and tired and unmotivated to get up and go with the kids already and that is just unfair to them AND me. I need to have the time with my kids that they deserve  Besides, we have the whole wellness incentive thing through Paco’s work that requires certain criteria to get the insurance “discount”. As it stands I MUST lose at least 12 pounds between now and.. September?.. otherwise we stand risk of losing that discount. We are talking somewhere in the realm of $300 per year discount so it is a big deal.

Anyway, I am thrilled with a pound loss and now I am looking to do two in the next week. I know I can! I have been really great on the treadmill. I am still consistently doing a 5k+ and tonight did it in 28:30. Not my absolute best time, but pretty good in my opinion since I usually hover right around the 10min mile. I am really trying to push myself. It might be a bad thing too because I up the incline and increase the speed in the last couple of minutes (after I have gotten the official 3.1 in) which is taking a toll on my left hip and hamstrings. I think tomorrow I will do the elliptical just because it is an easier or more fluid motion and seems to help when my hip does start to hurt.

My next goal, besides improving the running and actually losing the weight) is to find a darn 5k to sign up for. At this rate I would be inclined to jump right into an 8k! I know the treadmill is totally different than running outside but I know I usually run faster outside, so long as the whole course isn’t hills. I also need to increase my water intake. What is it they say you should have now? Your weight in ounces? Half your weight? Man, I like water and all and if it is half your weight I am golden… but I can’t fathom 187 ounces of water in a day for the whole thing so I think I will aim for 120 ounces (this is really only 20-30 ounces above my average/normal anyway).

Here’s to hoping I can make this loss thing a trend now and kick my butt into gear for getting on track losing!


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