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Weight Loss Wednesday: Utter Failure

on May 1, 2013

Obviously there was no Sew Sunday. It was too nice of a day to be sewing and the rest of the week/weekend was busy! I need to get some time in on the machine for a few projects. Then registration for the craft fair is May 14 so I will need to do inventory on what I have and plan that all out and get a sewing schedule. 

As for the weight loss front. I am a complete utter disgusting failure. Really, I can be that hard on myself. Seriously… I worked my butt off (literally) only to be STUPID and once again let myself get comfortable and apparently didn’t pay any attention AT ALL to what I was eating. On November 28th the wii board recorded a weight of 178.8. My lowest had gotten to 174.8. That was in August. I was 3 pounds away from a 50 pound loss. Fast forward to today. FIVE months.  Not even half a year… and I weigh in at 190.3. #%@*%&U@)*#*%)!*. I knew that I had put about 12 pounds back on but I was still hoping for ANYTHING less than 190. That .3 is a real kick in the stomach. 

So Instead of letting this get me down and wallow in self pity and eat myself out of the depression that will inevitably lead to a much greater depression I am 100% finally going to stop being so dumb. No more excuses. I have GOT to get this weight back off plus an additional 15 pounds. I did it before. I know I can do it again. I have to. 

The really frustrating part is that I really honestly don’t know why I put so much back on so quickly. Too many fancy coffee drinks? Too many little indulgences that added up? I don’t just sit around eating junk. We don’t buy a lot of junk. I make all of our meals from scratch and try to keep them away from casserole/fried. My goodness I have only made fried chicken once in the last 2 years I think. THAT is impressive. It used to be a staple. 

I guess it doesn’t really matter. From here on out I monitor it all again and have to be extra mindful. I wish it wasn’t such a struggle. It isn’t that my husband couldn’t stand to eat healthier, but he still seems to be hungry if we have lighter fare. That and he doesn’t really like just plain baked chicken. He doesn’t eat fish at all. And I cant think of very many low calorie ground beef dishes which is, again, what he mostly likes in the beef department. It gets to be such a hassle to make a meal for myself, and him, and the kids are pickier! I end up making 3 separate meals in one night!

Anyway. Wish me luck. My morale is seriously burst and I know I MUST get my act together. Hopefully I can lose 10 pounds in May. There are 5 weeks in the month. 2 pounds per week. I said it before but apparently wasn’t serious enough at the time. Now I am. 


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