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Sew Sunday: So not Sewing…

on May 6, 2013

Obviously last weekend there was no sewing update on Sunday. I want to say I have just been so busy that I haven’t had the time (and while it is true I guess) I just don’t feel like I am that busy. I did sew  a wallet for Paco. He saw a Kickstarter campaign for a thing called a Crabby Wallet. He went ahead and supported it and will get one in June or July but he wanted one NOW because he thought they were cool. The flaw of the person starting the kickstarter campaign is that he basically laid out exactly how to make one. Here is how mine turned out:


20130418_152053 20130418_152109

It turned out pretty good. This was the first one I made but Paco decided he wanted an outside pocket on both sides so I did another. He uses that now. It will be interesting to see how the ‘real’ one compares once it comes.

In other news I have been very successfully monitoring my daily calorie intake on loseit.com and really hope I see it on Wednesday. I forgot how much it sucks to watch every single little thing that goes in your mouth throughout the day. I can only assume there will be some form of difference though. I didn’t think I had gotten so far off track.

The rest of the last couple weeks has been filled with playing outside and gardening. My brother, Paco, and I went to my moms yesterday and took a near 40 year old couch and 3 30 year old chairs to the dump for the free trash day. My moms basement needs some serious cleaning and it starts with cleaning out all of the junk.

I really hope I can make the time to get some time in on the machine before I have to buckle down and make things for the craft fair. I have a feeling summer is going to get really exceptionally busy.


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