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Weight Loss Wednesday: The First Week Is Always The Hardest

on May 8, 2013

But in my case it finally paid off. I got on the scale wii fit board for my first weigh in after my first weeks of strictly watching the calorie intake. I was nervous because I really have been doing, what I think, is a good job and would have been heart broken if there was no difference, very little difference, or a gain. Happily the board registered a 3.5 pound loss for this week. I am down to 186.7. I assume a good portion of this is water weight because I have practically been drinking my weight in water everyday to flush the system out. That is okay with me. It gives me the continued motivation I need to stick with it and remember that if I do, I will see more permanent results. I am going to keep calculating everything and really once I get back into a rythm it will be second nature and I wont want to over indulge.

Just to give a little sample of what my days food has been I will write out what I had last Wednesday vs yesterday even.

Breakfast: Fiber One Oats and Chocolate bar

Lunch: salad with Tuna, croutons, cheese, Olive Garden Italian dressing, 4 Queen green olives

Snack: apple

Dinner: Baked boneless chicken, california blend mixed veggies with a Tbsp of margarine, 3/4 cup white rice

Snack: 6 oz nonfat Greek yogurt-black cherry

Exercise: 1 hour on the elliptical and a mile total walk taking Lilly to and from school (with Edison in the Becco on my back in the morning and pushing them both in the double stroller in the afternoon).

It doesn’t seem like a lot of food but the portions are decent and honestly the Fiber One bars have been doing a pretty good job of tiding me over for breakfast in the mornings. I will admit I have been eating an earlier lunch. I was certainly not perfect by any means and had some peanut m&m’s over at moms a couple of times. I just didn’t over do it and counted them. I also had a heavier-ish meal last night which consisted of homemade drop biscuits and a cream soup base with chicken and peas. That is one reason I was nervous, I thought sure I blew it with a higher sodium/carb meal the night before I was going to weigh myself.

Like I said, I am sure this is mostly a water weight loss but I just don’t care. After a crappy kind of day yesterday I needed the morale boost. Let’s hope it’s the beginning of really wonderful losses from here on out! 6.5 more to go for this month to reach my first goal of 10 pounds in the month of May!


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