Misadventures Of An Average Mom

Because Average is the New Awesome!


on May 9, 2013

If you were my neighbor you might be at a point where you would consider calling child services lately. As much as I love open window weather and I really love the extended daylight I am beginning to get concerned about what others will think of how we run our household!

Let me explain…

It is brighter earlier thus waking my 2.5 year old who decides the crack of dawn, before the sun is officially up, is the perfect time to get out of bed. Why wouldn’t 5am be an acceptable wake up time? After about half an hour he gets bored and starts banging on the 5 year olds door in turn getting her not so bright and bushy tailed butt out of bed also. So now I have two children under the age of 5 awake and out of bed before 6:30 am. You would think 10 hours of sleep is enough. No. No, it most certainly is not. By 9 am Lilly is at school and who knows how she manages but the boy is here at home, getting grumpier by the second. Can’t find a shoe. FREAK OUT! Can’t connect a train piece. FREAK OUT! Want milk. FREAK OUT. Get milk. FREAK OUT! Don’t want milk anymore. FREAK OUT! WANT THE MILK BACK. FREAK OUT!


There are times that he falls asleep and wakes up nice and happy. Other times he wakes up and it is as though someone just told him he was never allowed to ever look at, move, or play with anything ever again. And that isn’t even a drastic enough representation. I am talking screaming, kicking, head banging, thrashing tantrum. Luckily he has not tried to pull this out in public because I have become one of those moms who truly has no control over the kid when in that state.

To add insult to injury Lilly then comes home at one. She is pretty well mannered and plays nice and listens. Then a switch goes off around dinner time. She starts behaving the same way Edison had all morning (who has now leveled off and is being really good). Does NOT want peas for dinner. FREAK OUT! Does not want to eat the food she just asked for. FREAK OUT! Will not pick up a single block from the floor. FREAK OUT! Wants the sparkle toothpaste. FREAK OUT! Does not want to put jammies on (a good hour before bed mind you). FREAK OUT!

Mother of the year award right here folks. I have lost all control over both of my children. I get to a point where I really want to lock myself in my room for a time out while they just go ahead and throw that tantrum.

You know that nursery rhyme…:

“There was a little girl who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. And when she was good she was very very good; But when she was bad she was HORRID.”

That is my life. My kids are sweet and wonderful and great and fun a lot of the time. But when they have their bad moments you had better turn around and run as fast as you can in the other direction.


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