Misadventures Of An Average Mom

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on May 26, 2013

It has been 3 weeks since I last posted, yikes!

Let me recap why I have apparently been so absent. I know this list is going to be shorter than I feel like it should be: dance recital pictures, end of year stuff, meetings upon meetings, Mother’s Day brunch with a group of my moms, Edison sick, garage sale, I got the flu BADLY but only for a few days (I still feel like poo though)… okay see, it’s a short list rats. 

Really, the garage sale is the biggest time crunch because I had to find things, price things, and get it all set up. The night I was going to set up I started to not feel well. I took Lilly to dance and was fine but felt uncomfortable. When I got home I just didn’t feel like eating then I got increasingly nauseated and freezing cold. I went to lie down and after about an hour finally ended up in the bathroom. Felt better, then didn’t. Around 12:30 in the morning I managed to lose the toast I had to eat earlier. Another full day of just not feeling well or being able to eat anything and Friday morning I weighed in 6.6 pounds lighter than I was. So, I kind of met my weight goal 2 weeks early! I don’t count it, obviously, because I was running completely empty. Hopefully I can keep some of that off though 😉 To be honest I feel better but still not great. I’m not really hungry or if I am I just end up not being able to eat much. My stomach also just feels uncomfortable. Who knows where I caught it! I hope to make it to the gym tonight and just walk or take it easy on the elliptical. Can’t wallow forever!

The garage sale did end up going pretty well. I got rid of most of the ‘big’ things and not too many people tried to low-ball me. The thing I was really surprised about were the kids clothes. I do have a ton and I think I have them priced pretty fairly at 50 cents to, say, $3. The $3 things are usually big name brand dresses or multiple piece sets. A lot of people came and picked through the entire stacks of clothes, really inspected them and then either put them back or just got a couple pieces. I don’t know what people are looking for. Only a couple pieces have any real discoloration or stains and those are priced pretty much as play clothes. Anyway I had more leftover than I would have liked in the clothes department so I got a big box packed up for Young Parents Network (better than Goodwill I decided) and a couple other smaller boxes of shoes and a couple toys to donate as well. I also put the smaller sized clothes, that I just cant bring myself to donate, on top of the tubs so I can group them together and try to sell them on facebook or craigslist as a package. I have a couple other bigger toys that I can do this with as well so I should be able to get another $50 or so out of the stuff I have.

This week needs to be spent cleaning the house. I have my in laws coming this weekend for Lilly’s preschool graduation (tear) and dance recital. I know they wont care if the house isn’t impeccable but it really does need to be cleaned. Plus we managed to reclaim so space after the garage sale so I can re-organize some areas and better use the space we do have. I cannot wait to move into a new house to have more storage and better rooms. Don’t worry, that isn’t happening anytime soon, but a girl can dream. 

I also MUST get my garden plants in the ground! I would have had it done by now but I was sick and now it has been and will be raining forever! We were predicted to get somewhere around 5 inches and I believe it! It would have been great for my garden had I gotten it in the ground. I have: 4 tomatoes, 1 cherry tomato, a bush cucumber, sugar snap peas (MUST GET THESE IN!), lettuce, broccoli, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, basil, dill, parsley and I do have carrots and beets but I don’t know if they will work out. Lilly wanted to plant them so we’ll see. I wish I had a bigger space. There are so many things I want to plant and grow. I also cannot wait to get to canning this fall also. I want to do a couple things I haven’t before and really need to plan this out to make it happen!

I mentioned that Edison came down with some kind of virus last week. Luckily it wasnt the same as mine and he was not throwing up like me. He WAS very tired, not eating or drinking and just generally ‘blah’ though. This led to him waking up quite a bit at night and was still waking up early in the morning. He keeps going in phases of being better and then seems to regress back to some kind of not well state. Last night was terrible. I mean awful terribly very bad. He woke up at 2:40 so I went in, changed him, put him back in bed and cranked his music giraffe. He closed his eyes so I thought he was good. Not quite 15 minutes later he woke up crying hysterically calling out ‘milk!’ and went out to the kitchen. He then proceeded to throw the biggest screaming crying fit ever! I know it is mostly because he is just tired and probably still not feeling great but it was so tiring. Paco was up too because we were both out of ideas as to what to do. It is one of those parenting conundrums. Do you give in and risk ‘teaching’ him that this behavior will yield what he wants? Do you ignore him and risk waking up the other kid (which he did anyway)? Do you let him be and just hope he wears himself out? Do you sit up and try to calm him even though he pushes you away? We talked for a bit about his behavior and probably being terrible parents and after a bit he had settled down and fell asleep in his bed. He cried a few more times but never really fully woke up again. I really hope it is just a big phase that he will grow out of. 

I got all signed up for the craft fair and should start getting things ready for that. I need to sit down and make a list of what I have, what I want to sell, and then start a production list. Luckily I do have stuff left over from last year so I don’t have to do full scale sewing but I do still have a lot to make and don’t want to put it off. I just really hope it does well again this year so I can provide a Christmas again. I have friends that keep telling me to start an etsy store, but I just can’t decide. We’ll see about that too I guess!

Okay, off to clean or rest, or who knows just not sit here!



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