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Settling Down

on June 4, 2013

Things may actually be calming. Slightly. I keep forgetting it is summer break now, and let’s face it, that can fill up and escape quickly! We survived the end of the school year, pre-school graduation for Lilly and recital rehearsal, recital, and the in-laws visiting for all of it. It really was a CRAZY busy weekend! I have always thrived on a hectic life, but I just had an awful nervous feeling all Thursday and night and most of Friday. I must have been channeling my inner past performer because I always got nervous when I had to perform routines for colorguard in high school.



Look at how much my baby has changed this year! I mean, glasses aside she just looks so much more grown up! She is very most definitely taller and her face is more elongated. While I don’t feel like I had Lilly super young or anything, I also don’t feel like I should be old enough to have a KINDERGARTNER!!! I asked Lilly what she wanted to give her teacher and classroom aide for thank you gifts and we settled on the tea wallets I sew along with a gift card for each. For her teacher she also wanted to make a pretty clipboard since they use those every morning. We drilled a hole for a string to hold the pen because I cant stand clipboards where you have to figure out where to put the pen. Lilly made Thank You cards using a great book I got from Barnes and Noble on Thumbprint art. So cute!

DSC_1153 DSC_1151

In addition to making these, trying to get to the gym, handling dance class, finishing up my garage sale stuff from the previous weekend and just many other normal things I made a big batch of homemade brownies for the class reception after the graduation. The graduation program was cute but I was kind of bummed they didn’t wear the mortar board hats.. It would have been cuter and would have made sense. Oh well, what are you gonna do. We got a lot of cute pictures with the friends she has made over the past year and headed home to get ready for recital rehearsal.

DSC_1213 DSC_1215 DSC_1303

I just love that Lilly does dance. It makes me so happy. That is probably because I never got to take dance lessons when I was little and would have loved to. I’m no dance mom or anything, don’t worry about that, I’m just happy that I am making it possible for her. She dances all the time. She memorizes dances from cartoon shows and dances those around the house and is just so fun to watch. This year the song her class used was “I enjoy being a girl”. Now, it’s not that all of the “tiny dancers” aren’t cute and talented for their age, but Lilly really had a fantastic class this year and everyone did such a great job at the performance! It was so much fun to watch! I have Lilly signed up for summer dance because I don’t see her as one to benefit from taking the break. Besides, like I said before, she loves it and it gives her something active to do at least once a week over the summer.

DSC_1272 DSC_1281 DSC_1321 DSC_1277 DSC_1338 DSC_1314

It was a good weekend. Sunday poor Paco worked all day to get the new playset built in the backyard for the kids. It is nice and sturdy so we don’t need to worry about the kids falling over someday.

I really haven’t made it to the gym often enough the past couple of weeks. I am looking forward to getting there every night this week no matter what and alternating my workouts on the elliptical and the treadmill. My hip is feeling better after I ran the other night and had no incident so I am going to slowly get back into running more. I still haven’t signed up for any 5k’s or anything which is frustrating and hopefully I can find one still but I need to get back in the habit of running before I would be comfortable completing one. I weighed myself at the gym the other night and was at 181 so I maintained enough of my flu weight loss to be happy! I just hope I can weigh in at 180 or less tomorrow. I am not super hopefully (recall that big pan of brownies I made… not much will power over those unfortunately) but the damage shouldn’t be too awful either.


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