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Weight Loss Wednesday: Not quite back in business

on June 6, 2013

Okay so I didn’t weigh myself on the wii today. I could make excuses all day but really I was just afraid of what it would read. This is exactly why I NEED to get on the scale every week but I still just wasn’t feeling it so I didn’t. I weighed myself on the scale at the gym though and was less than thrilled with the 185 that put me at. I don’t want to believe that is where I am still but who knows. I have been pushing myself to do no less than 45 minutes on either the elliptical or treadmill and next week should start making myself do that and an additional 15-30 minutes on the weight machines. Tonight when I got to the gym it was actually really busy so I went right for the treadmill since I don’t like bumping elbows on the elliptical. I haven’t done the treadmill a lot because I don’t want to re-injure my hip but I MUST keep up the every other night elliptical/treadmill trade off. I am really happy to say that I ran a full 3.25 miles with no hip pain and no gall bladder flare-ups. (I have been having some mild gall bladder problems that are mostly diagnosed as “fatty deposits”. I’m hoping to keep it mild and no call for a removal or anything. I started at an 11 minute mile just to not start too hard too fast and worked my way up quickly to the 10 minute mile at a 2 incline. I usually don’t run more than a 1 incline but I wanted to see if it mattered for me. 

One thing I find interesting is the machines interpretation of calories burned for a workout. I can do 45 minutes on an elliptical and burn 750 calories without feeling like it is a super hard workout and I can do 45 minutes on a treadmill and feel like I’m dying (some days) and burn 600. I enjoy the treadmill because it does feel like a harder workout but I am not entirely sure that is what I should aim for. I still get my heart rate up on the elliptical and feel the workout in my legs more. 

One funny thing about tonight’s workout is something I didn’t notice until I was in the shower and washing my feet. I have gotten some blisters along the way but that was before I got better shoes. Other than that I haven’t really had a lot of problems. 


Excuse my stubby hairy man toes (part of the PCOS issues). I got a blood blister from running tonight! I didn’t think my toes hurt at all while I was running and, like I said, didn’t notice it until I was washing my feet. I feel like a real accomplished runner now! I know that sounds really weird, but you hear all sorts of things about runners and their gross toes from running and getting pushed into the front of their shoes. I feel like I can now say I have been there! 

I forgot to mention that my friend Panda asked about a new challenge for the summer that she is calling the No Regrets challenge. I am here to officially say I am up for it! I kind of pooped out last summer because two weeks after she started it my grandmother died and I got into a terrible funk. I wasn’t feeling awesome about much of anything after that so the awesomeness challenge just fell to the way side. This year, however, I could use some good old no strings attached motivation. If I succeed, fantastic. If I don’t reach the goals I set for myself, yeah I will be bummed, but I know I WILL get there and I am so tired of beating myself up over every single “mistake” I make. There is no point killing and stressing myself out if in the long run I will revert back to bad habits because of it. I may as well be myself and get there when I get there (within reason). This is also huge for me because I am one that regrets TONS of things in my life. Little things. Like… not going to a certain party that a bunch of people did and have great memories from or getting in a particularly foul mood over something dumb and saying something stupid. They are things that probably wouldn’t have changed my life drastically one way or another but I get all re-embarrassed about them even though they happened 10 years ago. So, to agree to a ‘No Regrets’ challenge really is something big for me. 

In other non-weight loss news: Is it fall yet and time for school to start? THREE DAYS into summer vacation and I am ready to pull my hair out. It doesn’t help that is has been chilly and rainy the past two days, but still the kids are just going nuts. Whining and bickering and not sharing and needing my CONSTANT attention. I understand I am their mother and am here for them but at the same time I am raising them to be independent and not rely on someone to constantly entertain them. I need my own vacation so very badly. oy. It really doesn’t help that Edison has some cold and I think the rest of us in the house are getting it too but still… I’m over it. Hopefully the weather perks up and I can get some scheduled activities in to make the moods improve and also fit in some good QUIET playtime amongst themselves to keep the peace. I was also a fool to think that the kids harmonious natures would last. They are each very strong willed independent children (wonder where they get that…) so of course they are going to battle for power over toys and the other kid. 


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