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Sew Sunday: Marketing

on June 10, 2013

Okay, look! I am making a post about sewing… and on Sunday, no less!

Sadly I haven’t actually done any sewing so you just get to read about my great plans to do so and my new marketing venture towards it! (it already paid off too!) I decided to pretend a little more that I like to sew things to make a small about of money (miserably small right now) and made a business facebook page. It isn’t like it takes much to do this, but I wanted to add all of the pictures of my things I have made to this point and just make it look professional. I am still working on a logo of sorts for the ‘Striking Stitches’ but haven’t had a chance to really sit down and do it, imagine that. Here is the link to that: Striking Stitches on Facebook! I would love it for anyone and everyone to go like my page. I figure when I hit 100 likes I will go and do some kind of giveaway. 

I posted it in another facebook group I contribute towards frequently and already got a sale because one of the ladies looked through the pictures and saw the whales that I make! Yay! I ordered the fabric and will get that sent off ASAP once it is made! I have other friends that tell me all the time to do an etsy store and I suppose I might get closer to that point. I also don’t want to sign on for that and have it actually pan out and then be scrambling to get things done for the craft fair. I would love to make things and sell a lot and contribute financially but I also value the little sleep I already get and fear I would get less if things did pick up which would require me to be at the machine. I guess we shall see!

Something else I did today was inventory the stuff I do have on hand and make a production list of what I need to make for November. Nothing is particularly difficult but it just takes time to do all of the cutting and assembly line it all. I have half a mind to go buy 50 bobbins and pre-fill them just because I HATE with the firey passion of a thousand Hells filling the bobbin up when I am in a good rhythm. I have added some things to what I offered last year and the table was already cramped. I never really considered getting three tables but hopefully it doesn’t come down to needing that many! Just have to get more organized I guess!

I really need to get my house cleaned up. It feels like such a mess for some reason and it really isnt that it is awful, just cluttered. I also have a million other things I need to work on/do/plan etc. etc. etc. It just never ends. That’s okay I guess, 


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