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Playing catch-up

on August 2, 2013

Okay I actually have decent excuses for not posting for 2 weeks. Last I posted I had said I was suffering from some bout of illness with a high fever and general feeling awful. The next day I felt really awful and had a migraine level headache that  put me at day 4 of headaches so I went in to the doctor. He wanted to test me for West Nile since I was at the lake and got attacked by so many bugs. Well, the headache did not get better it got much MUCH worse. So much so that I went to the emergency room for the debilitating pain.  After a 2 hour wait they did a spinal tap to test for infections and gave me anti-nausea meds along with some pain killers. They did not work. So I got morphine. Then I got more morphine. Do normal migraines take 3 doses of pain meds to get them to go away?!?!? Finally got home after 7 hours in the ER just in time for the searing pain to come back. I had to wait until 10am to take the percoset the doctors sent a prescription for and then it took 3 doses of that spread throughout the day for it to go away. Some of my blood work came back with abnormal numbers so I had to go back in for more blood work. Twice. SO, after all of that mess want to know what I was diagnosed with? NOTHING! My doctor ultimately decided I had some random virus (never had any cold symptoms, just the headache, nausea, body aches, and high liver function tests/low WBC count, etc). Don’t get me wrong, I am glad I don’t have liver cancer or something but I will definitely have a $300 bill for some heavy pain meds to get rid of that headache (SUPER grateful for by the way… it was worth it…) but I could have don’t without that mess.

So then the hits kept coming. Paco had to go on work travel for a week which is fine. The kids were actually pretty well-behaved and it gave me a chance to catch up on sewing since I can’t sleep when he is gone. It was a great plan… until Helga (my trust 45 year old Singer sewing machine) broke. She had a broken stitch selector switch which wasn’t the end of the world since the straight stitch still worked. Then, right when I was going to take a video of how horrendous and sick she sounded she seized up. The timing is off or there is a gear that is broken. Regardless, Helga is dead in the water. After searching craigslist and ebay my mom decided to gift me my Christmas present (and birthday I’m sure) early and we went and bought a new machine. I was dead set on another mechanical machine, but a heavy-duty one that will hold up for a long time. Well, I test drove a few and after doing a little more research and trying the Janome DC1050 I was sold enough and we bought it. It is NOT a mechanical machine but I adore it. It is amazing how smoothly a machine can sew. I don’t have to tug the fabric to get it to feed and it doesn’t jam up on corners. Even if it does get stuck it doesn’t make a bird’s nest of thread all tangled up. It just feels like it goes faster when sewing. Obviously only time will tell, but I am happy with it and hope it lasts a good long time.  We bought it local and did pay a little more for it because of that, but if anything happens I can go in and they have someone to service it there plus she threw in some ‘bonus’ items and if I ever have any questions they are a hop, skip, and jump away for one on one help.  Plus, I got to walk away with it instead of waiting the week for delivery 🙂  p.s. I can’t explain the attraction to the Germanic names (especially when my machines are English and Japanese made…) but Helga (sewing machine) and Olga (serger) just seemed to fit their personalities (yes.. I personify all things…) and so why break tradition. Lena seems like a sleeker more modern name so it works just fine for this beauty.  Besides, apparently it means “sophisticated, devoted, and light”. All qualities I will take in a sewing machine.  P.S. I know that the origin is Greek, but it is a popular German name.


Introducing: Lena.

Beyond those couple of things I have been keeping up with the usual. I have been pushing myself at the gym and running faster, harder incline, etc. I have also gotten back in the habit of doing the weight machine rotation. I need to restart the 200 sit ups program and do that for a good ab workout. The big decision I need to make here is to do a 5k at the end of August and if I do that then I will need to be running outside every night which, in essence, wastes the monthly $25 gym membership. BUT I really wanted to do at least one 5k and I have yet to do that. I also need to sign up because the deadline is upon me! I also need to get back to heavily monitoring the calories and whatnot. Such a pain.

So, one thing we are working on is a care package for Paco’s brother who is a Marine Corps Officer/fighter pilot and is currently deployed. We are going to send some favorites for him but we are also working on some art projects. Lilly wrote a book and illustrated it for him. She is also working on other art. This is one gem from the story:


Best. Dragon. Ever.

Well, I should get to sewing here. I have caught up on sewing and if I can get the bibs done tonight then I will be a week ahead of schedule. Next up: pacifier pouches! I have to decide on the fabrics for these and then cut them out. They come together pretty quickly after that though. I doubt if I will do the craft fair next year because I don’t like spending so much time orchestrating the whole thing and being stuck sewing for it. I want to sew fun things. I will likely consider an etsy shop after the fair with leftovers and then custom orders to get going but right now I can’t handle both! (well, I can do little projects here and there for people, but not a whole shop). I also want a new business name. Striking Stitches is not one I have loved and it is technically also an embroidery business in Australia. While rules would dictate I can use it because I am on a different continent… I don’t want to risk it. I was thinking either Flying Kite Designs or something with Baby Whale in it (long running joke with Paco and I). I need to make a poll for suggestions and reward the winner somehow.


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