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New Year, New blogging goals!

on January 1, 2014

First of all: YIKES! It was August the last time I blogged. I can’t really even say that you missed much…

Summer wrapped up nicely enough. Lilly started kindergarten and is in an advanced reading program and just generally teachers pet. Edison is as active as ever and has had any number of minor injuries (bumps and bruises) from his normal shenanigans.

I got the craft fair all managed and completed and signed up for another one a month later. They both went pretty well and “Operation: Christmas” was a success. Bonus- I have enough of a stash the save up and use on something nice for me for once- hopefully. I also got a bunch of handmade gifts made for Christmas presents and my poor poor neglected children got mostly handmade things from me as opposed to tons of gifts from the store (Santa brought one thing each, plus two small things each for the stockings, I bought a vintage Little People set from eBay for them to share, and I bought one $10 thing for each, and the rest was handmade). They loved it. BOOM! Christmas WIN!

Oh yeah, I almost needed back surgery because I managed to get a bugling disk and radial tear in my lower lumbar area. Some prednisone and a little physical therapy (and time) seems to be fixing it well enough so hopefully I am good to go and don’t need to worry about it. Oh yeah again, our barely year and a half year old dishwasher sprung a leak and caused some water damage in our kitchen. We filed an insurance claim and are still waiting to get that all repaired because I don’t have the full amount one would need to renovate a kitchen. We’ll update on that one as it actually happens.

Paco ended up going on a fantastic trip with his brother, who is a Marine Corps officer, and was away for two weeks at the first part of December. I would like to take this time to point out that it was during a full moon. If you don’t have kids you cannot possibly understand the gravity of this statement and, yes, I hate you.

After his absence we were happy to have him home and do some Christmassy things and finish off the year.

Really, that’s as much of an update as will happen. I haven’t even converted my pictures to JPEG since September. So, clearly, I have some catching up to do in all areas of life.

I suppose since it is the first of the year I should write some kind of resolutions. Although, I like to think to think of them on more longterm levels that don’t just span a year. Anyway…


*Drink More Water

*Eat less food (okay, just eat healthier. I lost motivation somewhere along the way and now have to make up for it and then some, so weight loss journeys begin yet again… )

*Read More

*Fix the house and get organized

*Spend Less

*Save more

*Blog more

Pretty much every stereotypical New Years resolution one can think of apparently. I’m so cliche… oh well. Happy New Year!


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