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Adventures in SoCal

on June 25, 2014

It has obviously been a really long time and I wont even bother doing any updates on mundane stuff. I may actually do a separate update on a huge event that has occurred here for us too but that is a daunting task as it involved way too much medical mumbo jumbo to get through in this post!

ANYWAY. My blog thus far has been pretty boring and titled misadventures because, well, you know… not that many actual adventures happen for our family! The day to day grind and how we make the best of it with as much fun, learning, and happy times is pretty much how we roll. Well. Since the husband transferred positions at work he technically works out of San Diego. He was traveling a bit more since the first of the year but they decided it would be nice to have him out there for an extended time to get some things hashed out that are just easier in person. He left May 26th. The fun (and awesome thing) about his boss is that he decided he did not want us to all be separated for that long and worked it out so that with housing and everything the kids and I get to join in the San Diego fun for 6 weeks. SIX. WEEKS. In the middle of summer. O_o Then he will fly back with us for a weekend and he will fly back out to work for another month before returning home for good… well… mostly. He will be traveling off and on for 2 week stints throughout the fall.

So after some flight delays and rearranging stuff we all made it yesterday. Being a born and bred Iowa [and proud of it] girl I will note my initial reactions to life in San Diego.

1. the terrain. I’m not dumb. I know that other places in the country are not flat or rolling hills. But that fact that there is NO flat terrain except the beach. it just blows my mind a bit.

2. Vegetation. Again, not stupid here folks but I’m used to lush soft green grass, full leafy shade trees, and just… pretty much green cover everywhere. There is some grass but it is weird to have strange little cactus looking plants lining the freeway and palm trees.

3. MOTORCYCLES. W. T. F. Is it not illegal for these people to ride in the middle of the cars ON the dividing line? I mean, if I am changing lanes and don’t see them, is that my fault since they aren’t supposed to be driving there anyway? Oy.

4. Traffic in general. I get apprehensive in “rush hour” in my town of 120,000 people. This is just insane. 6 lanes of traffic? With every lane practically bumper to bumper? Nope! I am fairly certain I will have a heart attack before we leave this place. And starting tomorrow I am driving husband to work and then using the car for the day before picking him up from work. I demanded we get a Garmin for this trip because, again, NOPE!

5. Hot air, cool breeze. In the summer I am used to Hot with a little hot and a side of hot. So hot air means hot sticky/muggy breeze. Hot air and a cool ocean breeze. weird. can’t process.

6. Cost. Holy Mother of Expensive. I get annoyed when the boneless chicken goes on sale for $1.99 instead of the $1.69 I grew accustomed to the past couple of years. Here it is upwards of $5 per pound depending on where you buy it (luckily I found some for $3.99/lb.) I did, however, pay $13 for a 2 pound beef roast. Never would have paid more than $3.49 for it per pound back home. We might just convert to vegetarians by the time our trip is over.

7. Do people here actually work? We went to the beach yesterday after landing and leaving the airport for an inaugural “dip the feet in the ocean” trip. We got there around 12:15 pm. SO busy! On a Tuesday no less! We found a spot in a lot eventually but driving around the area the streets were lined with the cars of people who had obviously gone to the beach!

Okay. So even though they sound complainy or negative I promise they are not. It really is a new experience for me and these were my very first reactions. I am sure we will get used to all of it and have a great time in the process. I ordered year passes to the zoo (they don’t have a summer option) so tomorrow I think we will do our weekly trip to the zoo.

My plan is one day a week at the zoo. One day we will make a trip to the local library. Then we will try to hit the pool in the corporate housing apartment complex. Maybe the beach. We have friends to meet up with at some point too! I imagine the 6 weeks will go fast. We can’t wait to see what all California has in store for us!

p.s. For anyone even thinking about doing some cyber hacking or whatever magical things you can do with computers to find out identities and stuff and try to break in to our house while we are away… People are checking on the house and really.. we have all of ONE thing left in our house of any value at all. So, it really wouldn’t even be worth your time. Just sayin’.



One response to “Adventures in SoCal

  1. Danielle says:

    The motorcycle thing used to drive my sister nuts too! It is called lane splitting and it is actually LEGAL in California! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lane_splitting

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