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Infamous Fish Shop

on June 26, 2014

Yesterday we just hung around the apartment and unpacked everything. We went for a walk around the apartment complex and walked around the gate to a deli and ice cream place for a quick treat. The kids were pretty good while being cooped up for the day. I can see how not having our backyard with big yard, play set, and sand box will be a challenge this summer. Hopefully I can fill the time with parks, the library, zoo, and who knows what else. I just wish we didn’t have to drive to all of these places. It’s not like I don’t drive to all of them at home, but we are talking a 5 minute drive at most with minimal traffic compared to a 15 minute minimum with CRAZY traffic.

Speaking of traffic-ish… we drove a bit farther than we have so far so we could meet Uncle Sean and Aunt Steph at the infamous Pacific Beach Fish Shop . Now, my husband has been RAVING about this place ever since the first time he was forced to go by co-workers on one of his first work trips out here. I should note: he very much dislikes fish.  He had a blackened swordfish taco and was absolutely smitten. He has been talking it up ever since. So, last night when we got a call asking if we wanted to meet up for dinner and had no other immediate places in mind, the fish shop was the clear winner. I will admit… it lived up to the hype. I couldn’t entirely decide what I wanted so I got two soft shell tacos. One was grilled salmon with lemon butter sauce and all the toppings. The other was sea bass with the special fish shop seasoning, toppings, and added avocado. AMAZING. They really are fantastic. I have decided that since we are here, we may as well go there once a week for dinner. The line was to the back of the restaurant even at 8:30 p.m.

As if that wasn’t enough of an adventure, leave it to my kids to have something more ridiculous pop up. As we were driving home, I moved my purse and felt something fall down/ brush against my leg. It was getting dark so I couldn’t see what it was, but figured something must have fallen and I would get it later. Not too long after that Lilly just burst into tears saying something bit her. We are terrible parents and honestly didn’t believe her. She just CRIED though saying her finger hurt so I found the little flashlight I keep on my keychain and tried to turn around to inspect. Sure enough, there was something stuck in her left ring finger. I grabbed a wet wipe and again tried to administer a stinger-andectomy in the dark, while contorted funny sitting in the front seat and reaching behind me. I managed it and, yes, a BEE had somehow been in the car and managed to sting her right on the inside of her finger. There was a small stinger and part of the bees butt on the wipe. HOW does that happen? I wasn’t worried about allergies because at the ripe old age of 6 this girl has been stung 3 times now. THREE. I am 31 and I have only been stung twice. She said it felt better right away but still hurt so when we got to the apartment we put a baking soda mixture on it and et it sit. It was puffy, but went down pretty quickly with our home remedy.

Pretty soon we head to the zoo. I got year passes because at $213 for the year which includes all 4 of us it is a lot cheaper than the $36 per child per visit and $47 per adult per visit regular price. It was a no brainer. Since we do have the San Diego apartment address it went through with no problems and if they question my out of state drivers license I will just say we just moved here and haven’t had a chance to change it yet! The only bummer is that our permanent cards wont be mailed for 3-4 weeks. I should have gone ahead and ordered them a few weeks ago when I was planning on it. dumb. I will also have to see if I can change the address on the zoo magazine once we leave. I doubt it, but I guess it isnt a huge loss. We shall see!

Expect some zoo pictures on the next post and hopefully a little less bee stinging incidents!


2 responses to “Infamous Fish Shop

  1. Angie says:

    can you do a mailing address change for the apartment just like a regular house?

  2. Erica says:

    possibly. But sometimes magazines and things like that won’t transfer just because of the nature of the mail. We’ll see! Lilly loves magazines so it would be too bad to miss out on a good one.

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