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Observations: as documented by crappy cell phone pics

on June 28, 2014

Yesterday we dropped Paco off at work and headed straight home to do some apartment cleaning! It took no time at all for my kids to get completely comfortable here. read: super messy and tossing things everywhere. I decided that since we had plans to go to a work employee appreciation lunch at the park at noon we would forgo any other fun things and get the place straightened up. I cleaned counters, picked up the toy area, dusted all the surfaces, did dishes, and vacuumed. It looked fantastic when I was done! (it didnt take too long for it to get to be a partial mess but, eh, what are you going to do).

At noon we left to grab Paco and got a tour of the office here in Cali! It is so much smaller than back at home. At home his employer is a major one for the city and has offices everywhere and a huge concentration of their 20,000 employees live there. Here… not so much. It was a nice place though and even though he doesn’t actually work here he is able to have a HUGE desk space that is at least 4 times the size of his desk at home.

We headed to the park for the picnic for some tasty bbq, fun, and meeting new people. Well, I got to meet new people. Paco already knows most of them obviously. It was a great time! One couple used to live where we do and had nothing but good things to say about moving out to San Diego. With the exception of having to considerably downsize living space, they love it here. We haven’t even been here a week so I still choose Iowa. Just FYI. One of the great things the company did was rent this steam train that typically runs on weekends at the farmers market. I didn’t get a picture of the train but it was so awesome! We got unlimited rides for the hour they had it running. The kids thought it was pretty fantastic too!


They also had some raffle prizes and fun games for the kids. Edison is not very good at balancing a water balloon on a spoon and walking it to a bucket. Lilly, on the other hand, managed to successfully transport 3 all on her own! She was pretty proud. The kids got some cute little prizes and had a fun time out in the sun. It was pretty apparent the time to leave had come when Edison started screaming for no real reason except that he was just DONE. Good enough for us. We hit up the pool and Lilly did such an exceptional job, she may just be a swimmer by the time we leave after all!


She started hovering around the stairs again, but before long was swimming all around the pool with her arm floaties. ALL ON HER OWN! I know that for a 6 year old this shouldn’t be a big deal, but she hasn’t had lessons and really hasn’t gone swimming for real too much. After that we went to Trader Joe’s when we got back to the apartment since it is conveniently right behind out apartment and within walking distance. I have never been to one and think it’s pretty cool! It doesn’t quite live up the hype though, but milk was cheaper there than at home so I will take it as a win!

Today we ran some errands. So, some of the observations I have are these:

1. This is the backyard. I know it sounds so dumb because anyone from here would be very curious as to why I find it so amazing. I’m just not used to it. That’s all. It is a novelty to me!





2. The traffic. I know, get over it. Still it’s just SO much traffic!


and me while driving in it….


3. The Farmer’s market is amazing! It has a lot to offer but it wasn’t crowded at all! SO many awesome vendors and fresh things so early in the season. (I still hold that Iowa has the best fertile soils for growing tasty things and I cant wait to come home to my garden, but it is pretty cool to get avocados at the market and lots of fresh tomatoes so early in summer!) We spent way too much money this morning but it’s such great stuff!





4. Sign spinners. Everywhere. I want to know how much they get paid and if it actually an effective advertising technique!


5. THIS. this is going to get to be a normal thing since it is so close. I mean, it might actually lose it’s luster! Jury is still out since it is still pretty exciting to be able to go. We have gone twice now… so many wonderful things. drool.


This afternoon we head to THE BEACH! I will definitely remember my camera for that and have lots of fun things to report later for that! We still don’t know what we will do tomorrow but there is a fair going on here so we may try to hit that up. Monday I will get the library cards and we will do that one day a week. Gotta keep reading this summer!







One response to “Observations: as documented by crappy cell phone pics

  1. Connie Jones says:

    Great job of documenting your big adventure…keep it up.

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