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It isn’t just me!

on June 30, 2014

Yesterday we made it to the beach! Much to Lilly’s chagrin we waited until 4 pm to leave the apartment to make it to La Jolla Shores. It. Was. Packed! We got some advice from friends to go after 4:30 on a weekend because most people will be running home for dinner. The ‘marine layer’ had also rolled in earlier than usual so the weather turned a little “chilly” (75 degrees. folks… this is not chilly. Californian’s think it is though). You would have thought this would work in our favor. I really don’t know what to compare it to so who knows if it was actually busy or not.

Lilly jumped right in and loved the beach. It didnt take too long for the poor tiny thing to start shivering because that ocean water is cold. Edison wasn’t really having much to do with any of it. He thought the big sandbox was pretty good but was reluctant to dive in and start digging. More sand toys would probably help this I suppose. Sigh, one more trip to the store! All in all the beach was fun. I can’t wait to go back again and while I would love to think I could manage both of the kids on my own if I decided to brave it, I just don’t know. Edison kept trying to run away from the water and Lilly kept trying to run in it. That doesn’t work out very well if there is only one of me. At one point Lilly and I were walking out and got pretty far, as far as all of 3 foot 8 inches of Lilly is concerned, and a ‘big’ tide came in and knocked her over. It was a good thing I was holding her hand the whole time. I yanked her up but not before she got a nice mouthful of ocean water. She gasped a couple of times and after shaking it off just said “yuck! It is salty water!”. Hindsight: we are also kind of lucky her glasses didn’t fall off! Next time those are coming off and being safely tucked in a bag first thing.  Hopefully our next trip has a little bit less crowd and a little more sun!

DSC_6215   DSC_6219

DSC_6221   DSC_6222



Today we had to make a bit of a special trip. Nothing says excitement like finding an urgent care in an unknown city. Sigh. I had some itchy spots break out and hadn’t quite pegged it and before long Lilly had a couple similar spots on her wrist. ver the past couple of days they have gotten progressively more irritating and it spread to her face. It was getting a little too close to her eye so I decided regardless of what it was she needed a good oral steroid to get rid of it FAST. Okay, so… who would have thought going to the doctor would be like going to a carnival?!? before the doctor came in the nurse gave her a freeze pop. Then after being seen she was given 5 stickers and she got to pick something from their treasure chest (a little plastic treasure chest…) and picked out some bouncy balls for both her and Edison. Honestly! She was pretty happy. She is, however, not at all happy with how the medicine tastes. It is going to be a long week getting her to take that once a day.

20140627_112738 20140629_103649


I want to point out a funny conversation I had with a doctor (type person? We initially went to a CVS minute clinic but she couldn’t prescribe prednisone to kids under 12 there). Anyway, she was floored that it would be raining in Iowa this time of year. See! It isn’t just me! She was just amazed at every thing I said about Iowa and couldn’t even fathom it, or why anyone would choose to live there under the circumstances. She also said she had no idea where Iowa actually was in the country. Oy. I may be geographically challenged, but I at least have a general idea of where states are. She went on and on about how big of a house we must have in Iowa and for such a small amount of money. Compared to her home with a total of 1150 square feet and a backyard half the size of ours for $650,000… yes, our house is a mansion at a steal of a price! She also kept saying her house was junk with tons of repairs and rats to boot! FOR more than a HALF MILLION dollars. O_o. I just can’t.

The rest of the afternoon we spent at the pool where my kids are turning into natural water babies. Lilly went from not moving away from the stairs to swimming all around the pool on her own with the use of arm floaties. Edison even enjoyed spinning himself in his little monkey tube. We have all definitely gotten more sun on our skin even with using sun screen. I will post pictures of that tomorrow!

After the pool we ran to REI since I had never been. I got a pair of compression running pants to try out! I decided not to wear them tonight, but I have finally made it to the fitness center here a couple of times. I think that I will make it a habit to go walk on the treadmill after dinner no matter what, even if we eat late, which has been the reason I haven’t gone the past couple nights.

Tomorrow we get our library card and will spend some time exploring that and checking books out! Yay Books!


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