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I have THAT kid

on July 1, 2014

Today the plan was to go to the library right when it opened so we could get registered for cards, sign up for the summer reading program here, and get some books! The closest library is the Scripps Ranch location so we went there pretty much right when it opened at 9:30. We walked in the door and my son promptly ignored the “Quiet Please” sign by running to the back of the library. We make it to the counter to get the card sign up stuff and he just wont stay still, he starts crying, yelling, hitting. OH MY GOSH. I was ready to take him to the car and say nuts to it, but I selfishly really wanted to get some books checked out for the kids to have something to do. It really was one of those mortifying ” I am the worst mother on the planet that has no control over my children whatsoever” moments. After having to go sit at the computer and register online to get a number to bring back to the counter, even though the website said I could print a sheet off and just bring that in, we got our cards and the kid could chill out and go look at the books and stuff they had available to the toddler crowd. It still set the mood for the day unfortunately.

After the library we just came back to the apartment and I tried to get them to just BE and not expect to go and DO tons of stuff. It was a struggle because they just didn’t seem content with much of anything. Days like today I REALLY miss our backyard that we can just go play in. We planned to go to the pool but were waiting to hear back from my sister in law because she offered to take us to costco since she has a membership. I definitely wasn’t going to let that opportunity slip since the food prices here are just painfully outrageous. I got a nice pack of chicken for $3.19 per pound (still EEK) and some ground beef for $3.29 per pound. Also grabbed some mushrooms and lemons because I love mushrooms and Lilly wants to make homemade lemonade.

I got dinner going and Lilly and I hit up the pool while it was cooking. It was a mostly uneventful and mundane day I guess. Except that we had several little tantrums. I also followed closely the weather that is going on back home. There has been a ton of flash flooding and trees down because of crazy straight line winds. Paco told his co-workers about it and showed then the radar and they just, again, questioned why we live there. I asked if he told them I was depressed to be missing thunderstorms and he said yes. If they didn’t before, they officially think I am crazy. Tomorrow we hit up the zoo again. Hopefully it wares them out or at the very least makes them a little more pleasant!

Here was yesterdays pool fun!

DSC_6230 DSC_6232 DSC_6238 DSC_6240



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