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Week 1 down; 5 weeks to go!

on July 2, 2014

First of all… I clearly need to do some major intervention with my children. Apparently at some point I went terribly off course and have started to raise extremely entitled twerps. Lilly was throwing an awful stink about taking her medicine this morning. As in, she absolutely would not and she threw a fit. This lasted at least 15 minutes. It doesn’t seem like a lot of time but we were already late getting Paco to work and were making absolutely no headway in getting her to take it when she desperately needs to! I need some serious attitude checks around here if we are going make it through the next 5 weeks even moderately harmoniously.

Today we went ahead and made it to the zoo for the week. Depending on what all we have going on for the week or what the kids want to see or re-see we may go twice in one week. We will just have to see… if anyone knows me at all, they know I like to get the best bang for my buck! It was a nice trip through today. The kids leveled off and we were able to really enjoy our time there. We went through the Asian passage and Panda Canyon then up through the monkey trail. It was a lot of fun! We spent an exorbitant amount of money on one of the cheesy pictures they take on a green screen and add the Pandas in, but at least it is proof I was actually on this trip. It’s the problem with always being the one taking the photos. The only problem I have with the zoo is getting to it! For the second time I managed to mostly follow the GPS but either the roads are just THAT confusing or I am just that challenged. For some reason even after I got back on the 805 the way I was supposed to I still didn’t get the turn on Park Ave that I was supposed to. I still managed but oh my goodness, hopefully next week we can get there without incident!

We have officially been here one whole week. I want to point out that I have embraced the traffic and maneuver pretty well in it. Even Paco said he hasn’t been on the 805 because he was told to avoid it. HA. ha ha and HA. Today at 12:45 it was surprisingly busy and I had to do a couple of those short distance triple lane changes BUT SURVIVED! I can see some of the benefits of California but… it isn’t home. I miss Iowa. I have had friends and family check on our house and say everything is fine, but with the weather that passed through I feel like I am missing something for not having been there. I feel especially saddened to hear of the couple of deaths, one of which was a teenage boy that was dragged through the storm drains. I just cannot even fathom what his family and friends are going through. It makes me nervous and will help me to further drill into my kids that the creek near our house is absolutely off limits even if the water doesn’t look that dangerous. Truly anything can happen. I hope the rain holds off for a while so things can calm down there. I would love for my home to still be there when I get back.

Tomorrow it looks like I will be joining a new friend at the beach. One of Paco’c co-workers wife’s has twins and they are going to La Jolla in the morning and invited us along! It is the only beach I have been to so far and we saved the GPS coordinates so I should theoretically be able to get there. I just hope the traffic isn’t terrible so early! I’m excited for a beach day! I need to definitely look up fun things and places to see/photograph. I want to explore!

DSC_6253 DSC_6254 DSC_6262 DSC_6267 DSC_6270 DSC_6271 DSC_6274 DSC_6275 DSC_6277 DSC_6289 DSC_6295 DSC_6297 DSC_6306 DSC_6310 DSC_6320 DSC_6324 DSC_6326 DSC_6327 DSC_6334


One response to “Week 1 down; 5 weeks to go!

  1. We are new here as well. Arrived on Saturday. Hang in there!

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