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Busy Independence Day Weekend!

on July 7, 2014

W.O.W (no, not world of WarCraft…) WOW, what a weekend. Thursday was pretty uneventful, which I have noticed is a rarity since we got to San Diego! It was also much-needed since Wednesday I managed to severely burn my back. We stayed inside and read some of our library books, colored, watched movies, and cleaned the place. Lilly kept whining about wanting to go to the pool but I don’t think my back would have permitted it!

I spent the evening researching the best option for 4th of July plans in the area and my brother and sister-in-law stopped by so we could discuss said plans. We ultimately decided on Old Town San Diego Historical Park in the morning, the Coronado (military base part) beach, and then one of the piers on the base for the Big Bay Boom fireworks. It was ambitious but obviously lots of fun because by the end of the day I had taken 200 pictures.

Old Town San Diego was actually prefect for our family. It involved all of the old timey clothes and great kids crafts that would have been done back in the time that San Diego was founded. When we first got there and found a spot to watch the small “parade” (I use the term kind of loosely) Paco had seen an old large format camera and promptly went over to talk to the photographers. I am SO excited he did because it turns out the guy was from an Iowa town about an hour away from us and because of that said he wanted to take a photo for us. Now, let me explain this… was wet plate photography. They prep it all, shoot the 3 second exposure photo quick while the metal plate “film” is wet and then develop it quick all right on the spot. They were only doing these for people in period clothing but, gotta love those Iowa ties, they did one for us. Can’t wait to pick it up after it’s all varnished and preserved!

DSC_6411   DSC_6416   DSC_6419

We meandered through Old town and did quite a bit of the stuff that was offered. Lilly got her face painted, made a cloth doll, a spinning button, watched a blacksmith, dipped candles, and got some old style lollipops! Now, it looks like Edison didn’t participate and we are just mean parents. I promise, that is most certainly NOT the case. We tried to get him out of his stroller, we TRIED to get him to do everything. He just doesn’t care quite as much at this age about doing anything. It was also kind of hot and the kid does not do heat. At All. Lilly will move to California when she is older and Edison will probably move to Seattle since he really doesn’t like extreme cold either! All in all, I am really happy we decided to go to Old Town!

DSC_6495 DSC_6490 DSC_6484 DSC_6482 DSC_6476 DSC_6475 DSC_6473 DSC_6468 DSC_6461 DSC_6460 DSC_6458 DSC_6453 DSC_6451 DSC_6445 DSC_6442 DSC_6441 DSC_6437 DSC_6431 DSC_6429 DSC_6426 DSC_6424 DSC_6421 DSC_6412


On the way home quick from Old Town we saw some very familiar clouds. I keep telling people here that I live for storms. I LOVE gloomy days and some good thunder. So, even though I keep telling people this I was surprised at how happy I was to see some thunderhead clouds. It was the first time I had seen clouds at all since we have been here so to see some great cumulonimbus made me so happy. Sadly the were far away and, obviously, didn’t do anything here. Sigh.



Like I said, after Old Town the plan was to go to the beach with out family here. It was so fun to get to go to a different beach. I swear my child is just going to give me a heart attack by the time this trip is over. Edison has been afraid to even let the water touch his feet so far. I am FINE with this. Honestly, it’s hard enough keeping an eye on Lilly in the water who has, apparently, decided that she loves it. Edison had a change of heart after watching Lilly jump around and splash in it. He absolutely insisted on being out to his chest in the water and then refused to let us hold him. Now, the tides over on North Island are A LOT different than what we have experienced at La Jolla so far. The waves were MUCH bigger and the tide MUCH MUCH stronger. It was getting the better of my footing and even knocked Paco over pretty good so this new Edison is just so frustrating. We decided to take his increasing temper as a sign to get out and grab some dinner before finding our spot for fireworks. We had to drive around a bit to find a place that didn’t have a crazy wait but once we did the food was pretty quick and then we were on our way. It was a lot busier than anticipated so we didn’t get our spot before the show started. Unfortunately, we didn’t choose the best pier to watch them from since no one had ever tried to see them from there before. We still cannot complain at all since it was an amazing opportunity to watch them from there at all and we could still totally still see all four launch points from where we were. Next time (not that there will necessarily be a next time for us….) we would know which one to sit at. The really down side was the drive home. It took an hour and a half. It was so ridiculous. Plus, the Coronado bridge.. NO THANK YOU! Shudder…

DSC_6509  DSC_6514 DSC_6529 DSC_6544 DSC_6554 DSC_6559 DSC_6576 DSC_6588


DSC_6599 DSC_6601

DSC_6604  DSC_6608

Saturday we went to the Farmers Market in Poway where I am absolutely in love with the woman who sells French pastries. REAL French pastries. YUM. We got some more croissants and a couple treats for the kids. We passed by the lady who sells magic mushrooms, and loaded up on tasty fresh veggies and flowers and also got a crepe for breakfast from the Oh La Vache pastries people. Next week we wont be able to go and I am so sad! BUT you can bet the following week I will get either a croque monsieur or a mushroom and spinach croissant. Mmmm mmm.


DSC_6613 DSC_6612  DSC_6616 DSC_6622DSC_6619 DSC_6617

We also had a party to go to at one of Paco’s co-workers. Paco helped him build a ridiculously large backyard BBQ so the inaugural cookout was over the weekend. I, as any good Iowan would, took Scalloped Corn as a side dish. Lots of people pointed and asked what it was because they had neither had, nor heard of it. (WHAT?!?!) I’m happy that it was a huge hit and the 9×13 pan pretty much got devoured. Lilly and Edison stayed in Independence Day attire for a second day and wore the matchy matchy bottoms I had made for them. A ruffle skirt for Lilly and Bermuda shorts for Edison. They looked so cute 🙂 I do have some other thoughts on the picnic or at least where most of the conversation went, but haven’t yet decided if I will share said thoughts. I know, cryptic, still… I need to settle my emotions on it all first.

DSC_6632 DSC_6636  DSC_6627 DSC_6641

Tomorrow is another low key day since we had such a busy weekend. We will go to the library and pool and then clean up the apartment. I also need to do some serious Disneyland research since we are going FRIDAY!!!!!!



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