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C is for Cookie…

on July 10, 2014

That’s good enough for me!

As I said yesterday, I didn’t have any plans and I think the mental overdrive I have had just put me in a spot where I couldn’t come up with something super exciting. Seriously, my kids are going to go into shock when we get home and aren’t out and about DOING something every day. Today was good for them just for that reason. It is hard because we don’t have our backyard to run around, as I believe I have mentioned before, but they do a decent job of using their imaginations to get by. For example, in the early afternoon they got the IKEA paper roll I had purchased on arrival and just rolled it out across the entire length of the living room floor and drew on it. Then they proceeded to either use it as a runway or a cape or … hmm… I cant remember the other thing. There was something else though.

I’m going backwards in my day here… anyway, before that we baked cookies! I sent a bunch of staple food items out with Paco when he drove and realized that with just 3 weeks left, one of which we will be gone, we should start using some of these things up to avoid having leftovers. Cookies was the clear winner since we need to use up that sugar and flour somehow! I should buy some yeast and bake some rolls or buns or something. The kids loved baking cookies. We haven’t done a lot of baking for a while because I just don’t need (or really want) it sitting around the house to eat. I would like to report that I have only had one… and maybe 3 in the form of raw dough… it is my weakness, shush! They turned out perfect, the kids got a math lesson with the measuring, and we have some tasty treats šŸ™‚ Oh and as you will notice in the pictures, we spilled some flour so of course Lilly decides to eat it. I have strange kids.

DSC_6747 DSC_6748 DSC_6750 DSC_6751 DSC_6752 DSC_6754 DSC_6755 DSC_6757 DSC_6758 DSC_6759 DSC_6761

I spent enough of the day researching various things. I really want to take advantage of being in a fun place like this so I was searching for the ‘absolute musts’. Here is my list so far.

To Do:

Padres game

Point Loma, Seaport Village, San Diego Bay/ harbor (preferably at dusk for this one)

The USS Midway

La Jolla COVE & the other end for the pier (these would both be AMAZING to photograph)

The Fashion Mall

Little Italy

Coronado beach

Sea World

Del Mar Horse track Family fun day

Blaboa Park

The things we have already done:

La Jolla beach

Pacific Beach Fish Shop


Old Town San Diego

I just feel like we have done more. Which is good I guess. But there is so much more I want to see and do! This weekend we knock out Disney and whatever we can find on the way home. Sunday we are going about an hour away to get a new wet plate photo taken by those people from Old Town on the 4th. They said of all the prints they took that day ours went black in the rinse stage and was ruined. Such a bummer. They felt badly and really want to take one for us. It is so nice and such a thoughtful thing. Next week I think we will take a day and do all the museums at Balboa park and next weekend is Sea World, Point Loma & the bay, and the del mar horse track. Then we are in Tucson. Then the last week there is a Padres game I figure we can make it to and hope to manage some of the other stuff over the weekend of the 25th. I will have to make Paco take a day off work that week just so we can manage!

I am also SO pumped for next Thursday because someone I met in my online craft group is going to take professional family photos for us on a beach! I am beyond thrilled because she does beautiful and amazing work AND we have never had a professional photo taken since Edison was born. How sad is that? We are terrible parents. I take plenty of photos, believe me, but only one pro photo with Lilly at age one and then none since. It’s amazing how when you are always the one behind the camera you forget to make a point to get them taken.


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