Misadventures Of An Average Mom

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on July 15, 2014

Well, I have been BUSY and not really even around since last Thursday so that is one excuse for not updating. The other is that I have been trying to decide how best to lay out all the posts! I was going to go ahead with chronological but that would just be boring. So I am going to skip our Thursday trip to the Safari park for now and start with the super exciting stuff: DISNEYLAND! Now, I still have to do it in stages but just know that after all the Disney stuff I’ll back track to the Safari park, woo!

Originally when we found out we were all coming out to San Diego I thought that we would hit up Sea World and Legoland since they are both IN San Diego. Then I got to thinking about it and realized that legos are probably going to be a really important part of our family for YEARS to come whereas the Mickey and Princess years have a timestamp on them. With that in mind I went ahead and started planning for Disneyland since it is only an hour and a half north. Best. Decision. EVER. We didn’t dare tell the kids we were going to make the trip. Actually, I straight out told Lilly we were NOT going to Disneyland because it just costs too much and is too far away. muahahaha.

The morning of the trip we woke up at 4:30A.M., made sure everything was in order for our day, woke the kids, and headed out the door. It wasn’t until we were about 45 minutes into the drive that I got the video camera out and told them where we were going. I will eventually get that video uploaded and add it in somewhere, but I am in the process of uploading 117 pictures so I think the video can hold. Lilly quite literally ‘squeed’ and I think said ‘oh my gosh’ a couple of times. Edison repeated Mickey a few times. As was assumed, Lilly asked a few times throughout the trip if we were there yet. This is why I waited until we were in the car.

The unsuspecting (and tired) children:

DSC_6899 DSC_6898

One of the things I decided needed to happen as I was doing some research was a character meal. A few weeks ago I looked into the various options, compared prices, locations, and actual characters at the restaurant and settled on The PCH Grill in the Paradise Pier Hotel and made a 9:10 am reservation for breakfast. The main reason for this choice is the guaranteed Mickey visit. This was a must! Not that we weren’t going to go to his house in Toon Town anyway, but to get just that little extra personal time was so important for Edison. This, I decided, was his very special thing for the trip. It was also SO WORTH IT. I honestly couldn’t find prices for the meals anywhere in my research. The disney website says $14.99-$59.99 for adult prices so I stupidly assumed we could get away with breakfast for close to $14.99 each. Not the way it works folks… After doing some more research and looking at yelp the day before our trip I found out the adult price for the buffet was around $30 per person and kids 3-9 was $16 plus 15% gratuity and tax. Eeep! Again, worth it, but still a lot to swallow! I will point out kids 0-2 are free. (They also have free admission to the parks… yes, Edison was 2.5 and not 3.5 for this excursion.) Call me a terrible person if you must but my near 4 year old weighs 26 pounds and is 37″ tall. He hardly fits the bill for most kids his age. I am actually pretty sure most 2.5 year olds can take him on both height and weight!

I digress. We definitely over estimated traffic and other travel times and got to Disney at 7:10. That’s okay, it just meant we got an awesome parking spot. AND the park totally let us in early at 7:40. Rock! The best thing about this is that there was hardly anyone else inside yet so we got some fantastic pictures in front of the castle with next to no one in the background shots. That was most definitely not the case even an hour later so major score there! We went into sleeping Beauty’s castle (always my favorite movie growing up) and got to see all of the story book pages and fun depictions of the movie throughout. With time to kill still before heading over to breakfast we tried to pull the sword form the stone and did a carousel ride. Oh, we also had to buy the obligatory embroidered Mickey ear hats and autograph books. Lilly wanted the really fancy ones, but I said we were going 100% traditional and getting the normal ones. I cant say we did the same thing when Paco and I went to Disney world for our honeymoon.. but that was our honeymoon we HAD to get the bride and groom ear hats!

DSC_6915 DSC_6934 DSC_6935 DSC_6943 DSC_6941













Both Lilly and Edison were just in absolute awe of the park right from the get go and you could tell we were in for a magical day. Come back tomorrow for my post on our character breakfast!



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