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DISNEYLAND: part 2- Character Breakfast at the PCH Grill

on July 16, 2014

As I said in yesterday’s post we made a reservation for a character dining breakfast. When looking at google maps I got a little concerned about the location of the hotel compared to the parking lot and the entrance to the park. I didn’t want to waste time by not going in the park, but it wouldn’t have made much sense to go in for 5 minutes just to turn around and leave for breakfast. Luckily once we got there it was proved that appearances can be deceiving and everything was a lot closer than it looks on a map. Im very bad at judging distances on maps or.. you know.. reading them in general apparently.

We got our stamps so we could re-enter the park easily and it was really funny because the lady doing the stamps started telling Lilly how she would probably recognize the stamp easily. I was kind of confused, as was Lilly, but she got the glow light out and shower Lilly what her hand looked like under it. The stamp said Lillian. Now, being the dumb gullible (and still fully believing in magic) person that I am wondered HOW they could possibly have done such an amazing trick. Yes. Well.. the trick is that Walt Disney’s wife’s name was Lillian. It was still fun for Lilly even if it was soul crushing for me that such magical wonders didn’t exist.


I think we got to our 9:10 reservation at least 10 minutes early but that didn’t seem to be a problem because they called us to be seated within about 1 minute of checking in. They told us that first we would wrap around the wall to the right to say a special good morning to a very special friend and familiar face… MICKEY the mouse himself! Now, I wish I had been in front of Edison or more prepared or had the video camera running. Edison’s face was the most priceless thing I have ever seen and hope I don’t soon forget that joy he so clearly expressed. He actually stopped in his tracks and had to process who he was seeing. Then he got the absolute BIGGEST grin on his face and quickly ran up to give him a hug while saying “Mickey!!!”. Tear. He made a point to show Mickey his little Mickey and then I didn’t pay enough attention to remove it while taking a picture. sheesh. It’s okay because it is still cute and we got some good pictures despite having most of them with Mickey on Mickey’s nose.

DSC_6951  DSC_6952

DSC_6949 DSC_6955


After we left Mickey we saw Stitch on the way to our table. Edison and Lilly both really are pro’s at this whole “big potentially scary person thing 4 times their size” walking around. They had big grins and lots of hugs for all of the characters. By the time we sat down I wondered if we were going to get to eat our breakfast because there were just so many favorites walking around distracting us. It was a good kind of distraction though. Drink orders got taken and Paco went to grab a plate for himself and Edison. More friends were in the area so Lilly and I made sure they weren’t going to try to stop by while we were at the buffet before heading up to get our food.

DSC_6964 DSC_6968 DSC_6970


The options were acceptable. A little better than your average breakfast buffet, but the quality was nothing super exceptional. I’m fairly certain I have had just as good of a breakfast pizza at our local casey’s gas station. (this is no disrespect.. seriously, they have good pizza…). There were omelets made to order, eggs, Mickey shaped waffles, much more hot stuff and all the cold fixin’s you could imagine too! We did have to ask for one thing to make Edison happy. Peanut Butter. The kid lives for it and as much as I try to limit it, he just can’t get enough. So we asked for peanut utter so he could put it on his pancakes. He doesn’t really like syrup. He ate that for a while then just dug straight in to the peanut butter bowl. Eh, it’s protein right?


Honestly we decided to take our time and enjoy the breakfast. We knew it was going to be a long day in the park and with Minnie, Daisy Duck, Pluto, Stitch, and Mickey walking around who would want to up and leave anyway!

DSC_6973 DSC_6971 DSC_6979




We finished up out plates and made sure we got to see everyone the restaurant had to offer and decided that before the kids got restless we should go ahead and make our way back to the park. That is, after the bill: $96.85. The sad thing is that doesn’t even include Edison. He was free after all for being “2”. It is a lot. Really… a lot. But we got a lot of extra time with Mickey in a much more casual atmosphere. The other characters sought us out instead of us having to wait in hot lines for a quick photo op. All in all I would pay it again in a heartbeat. Maybe next time we go to a Disney resort we can do the princess lunch instead 🙂 OR princess lunch and character dinner. A girl can dream.


So I mentioned that this was Edison’s super special thing for the day. Tomorrow I will post about our time in Toon Town and then Lilly’s very special thing for the day: The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique!


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