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DISNEYLAND: part 4- the princesses and the park

on July 18, 2014

Jumping right in here.. After our little princess was ready to go we went outside to the Fantasy Fare to meet whatever princesses we could find! There was a line right outside and we thought it was the official ‘meet the princesses’ line. Nope! It was kind of a bonus princess meeting place. We were waiting in line for Belle but after a minute the princess assistant came through the line and said there would be a princess change in another 4 minutes. Cool beans. It was almost too bad because we were next in line when they changed out… behind one other girl. So that girl kind of essentially got to meet both, but didnt get to get a picture with Belle. I thought that was a bummer. I mean, she was there! Anyway the princess that took over was Merida so Lilly was BEYOND excited. She lit up! She had nothing but huge grins and hugs for Merida and even made a point to tell her that she was a big fan.

DSC_7105 DSC_7111 DSC_7112

After a good visit with Merida we got in the pretty short line for the princesses in the meet the princess line. We got to meet Cinderella, Ariel, and Snow White. I will admit they do a fantastic job of hiring the ladies to fill these shoes. They stay in character so well that Ariel was all excited and asking a bunch of questions and poor Snow White had the really REALLY high pitched voice just like in the movie. I could not do that all day. Lilly was so happy to meet them.

DSC_7114 DSC_7117 DSC_7121 DSC_7125 DSC_7126 DSC_7113

One of the things that was really magical about Disney is that everyone treated Lilly and Edison in such a special way. Not that they need that to boost their little ego’s but it was fun to add to the experience. For example, Lilly was in her dress and all done up from the boutique and everyone just went ahead and referred to her as Elsa. They had a lot of fun with it too. She got asked if she had her powers under control (ummm.. didn’t she at the end of the movie?). The guys opening the door to the princesses had her touch his hand so of course he froze since she was Elsa without her gloves on. Another person asked something dealing with the weather to which we were able to proudly reply that YES actually our winter was pretty rough and FROZEN with the sub zero temps.

Okay, I’m rambling. Anyway… after princesses we made our way to Frontierland/ New Orleans Square so we could do the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and I could do the Haunted Mansion. Pirates of the Caribbean had about a 20 minute wait sign but I doubt if it actually took that long. I have not been on that ride for a very long time so I forgot what it was like to be honest. I remembered the drop though so I made sure to tell Paco to really hold on tight to Lilly. She hated it. Most of it. She wanted to get off the boat. Edison was hanging in there but made sure I had my arm wrapped around him and my finger to hold onto. It wasn’t until the lightning storm and skeletons that Edison started trembling and looking nervous. Once we got in a little further and the pirates were waving to him he started waving back to them. He even admitted that he liked it. Lilly still talks about the fact that she hates it. I had a wonderful time in the Haunted Mansion. I thought about having Lilly go, but after pirates I knew that was out. Then I went in and within the first couple of minutes when the skeleton is hanging from the ceiling I knew for sure that was out. It is one of my favorites though so I had to make sure I went ahead. Plus, the line had absolutely no wait whatsoever!

DSC_7132 DSC_7131 DSC_7130

Right after I got off that ride we hopped in line to meet Princess Tiana because she just happened to show up right directly behind where Paco and the kids were waiting for me just before I came out the door! Score for meeting another princess out and about! For the longest time Lilly has wanted an umbrella. She has asked for one almost everyday because they have them at the zoo. She asked for one back at around Mother’s Day at home. So FINALLY we went ahead and got the kid a parasol in New Orleans Square because they had a street vendor person decorating them. It is a beautiful little parasol and has Lilly’s name and some hearts and flowers drawn on it. I like it way better than any cheap umbrella we could grab at the zoo!

DSC_7136 DSC_7180 DSC_7182

We knew we needed to plan our day around getting in line for Elsa and Anna (which at one point when we checked was a 3 hour wait). We decided to run over to get lunch in TomorrowLand but on the way stopped at the Dumbo ride. Because it’s the Dumb ride, duh! The only bummer is that this time the line must have seemed like it took longer because even though it was still only a 20 minute wait, Edison was NOT having it. Really, it was the only ride he was questionable in for behavior so I will take that as a huge win! “lunch” at 3:30pm wasn’t too bad but it was still crazy overpriced. At least it was filling. At this point we had to hurry back to Fantasy Land to get in line for Elsa and Anna. I wish we could have done more in Tomorrow land, but meeting the people and just experiencing Disney was the main fare on the kids agenda so as long as they were happy we were good to go.

DSC_7147 DSC_7145 DSC_7144 DSC_7153  DSC_7151 DSC_7154

Luckily the line was down to about an hour and 40 minute way! No joke. And we definitely waited in it! We were fortunate enough to be in line behind some really fun folks who had a little girl celebrating her 3rd birthday. The wonderful thing about Lilly is that she is friend to all. She quickly attached herself to this girl and they had a great time interacting in the line. I don’t know the kids usual temperament but I would imagine the parents were happy for her to be so distracted/ entertained while they waited. They must have liked us well enough because they were sweet enough to give us one of their juice boxes! Paco and Edison wandered around the park, went on the carousel a couple ore times and just hung out. Edison was really good the whole time for that and I think Paco probably enjoyed the opportunity to sit.

DSC_7156 DSC_7157

DSC_7161 DSC_7162


Elsa and Anna were perfect. If you are going to wait forever then at least you leave knowing you got a really great visit. I mean visit! There was nothing about it that made you feel rushed or like you had to keep moving so the next people could hurry in and get their pictures. Of course, if it was a little more like that then the line wouldnt be as long. Still, once again, the look on Lilly’s face was absolutely priceless and the girls stayed in character so perfectly. They pointed out that Lilly had a color of hair (teal) so Anna said a troll must have kissed her and Elsa said that she pulled the northern lights down from the sky and put them in her hair. Just so much fun! I don’t think it will be something Lilly soon forgets which makes me so happy. The things we do for our kids… waiting in line for almost to hours to get a picture and an autograph 🙂

DSC_7165 DSC_7167 DSC_7168 DSC_7169 DSC_7170 DSC_7172

DSC_7173 DSC_7174 DSC_7176

After Elsa and Anna we walked over to Critter Corner in the hopes of meeting Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Eeyore but they had apparently already packed up for the night and weren’t standing out anymore. Lilly was sad, Edison would have loved it, but that is the price you pay I guess. We also could have met Rapunzel and Flynn Rider if we hadn’t waited in the line!

By this time it was edging on 7pm so we knew we wanted to hit up a couple last major things before we went and parked it to find a good spot for fireworks. It’s a Small World is clearly one of those “must do Disney rides”. The wait was short, the kids were good, and It’s a Small World was wonderful. The kids both loved it. You could tell Edison was just taking it ALL in. I had the song stuck in my head for the better part of the evening (and now thanks to this it is stuck in my head again…). We also stopped at Pixie Hollow even though Tinker Bell was prepping for her fireworks show spotlight but they had fun on the huge mushrooms and flowers. With an hour and a half to wait still for fireworks Lilly and I went to a few of the main street shops and then Paco went and got some ice cream for all of us.

DSC_7188 DSC_7186 DSC_7194 DSC_7195 DSC_7196 DSC_7200 DSC_7197

Tomorrow is my LAST Disney post. Who would have thought you could fill 5 days of blog posts on ONE day at Disney. Imagine if I ever go to Disney World O_o  Hope you have enjoyed it regardless even if it has gotten a little long winded and mundane 🙂


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