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Sea World and such

on July 25, 2014

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog post for a brief message from our sponsors… TUCSON SUCKS!

I’m sorry for anyone from the southwest that actually enjoys breathing fire air but NOPE! I just cannot handle it. Part of the problem is clearly that we are in a place I have never been and is completely foreign, but also it is just SO… you know.. DESERT. Okay, more on that later….

Sea World on Friday was fun but also kind of a disappointment. When Paco and I went to Sea World in Florida for our honeymoon (9 years ag0) I remember it being a lot more…. well… more. I feel like Sea World here was more focused on rides than it was the animals. This is both good and bad because I do have some borderline mixed feelings about the whole large animals in captivity thing. I mean if we are rescuing them, yay! If we are capturing them for entertainment, boo. I don’t know which one it is so I will remain mostly neutral. I digress…. it just seemed like they didn’t have as many exhibits to look at. The penguins were definitely smaller scale and didn’t have a lot of ‘oooh and aahhh’ factor. The Shamu show was mostly them splashing water on people. Again, I understand there have been a lot of accidents as of late so for the trainers sake it just isn’t smart to do big fancy shows, but it was still a bit of a bummer.

DSC_7522 DSC_7527 DSC_7531 DSC_7538 DSC_7543 DSC_7546 DSC_7566

All in all the day was still a success. The kids had fun. Tempers only flared a few times because it was hot and they were tired but we were there all day. We did the all day dining passes. I still haven’t decided if this was a good thing. It cost us $80 total for food for the 4 of us for the whole day because we got the wrist bands that allowed us to eat unlimited amounts at select restaurants. The problem is the lines. They were all excruciatingly long and we couldn’t bypass any line if we just wanted a water or something. DUMB! My recommendation would definitely be to have separate lines for people with the wrist bands. We got to see Elmo and Grover which was cool and kind of a weird surprise. I hadn’t done a ton of research into sea world before we went so I didn’t know they had a Sesame Street section. This was also a bummer by the way. Sesame street… let’s think about this. It peaks in popularly with say, 5 year olds? The minimum height requirements for any of their rides was 42″. Lilly BARELY makes this cutoff by being 44″ tall. And most of the rides were 48″ requirements. SO dumb. Again, not the reason or going so we will stick to the positives and just say they enjoyed the shows and the animals and ta da, day was a success.

DSC_7558 DSC_7559 DSC_7579 DSC_7584 DSC_7631 DSC_7633 DSC_7636 DSC_7637 DSC_7645 DSC_7704


Saturday we went to the USS Midway museum. Paco was our own personal tour guide since he spent the 6 days on the Tiger Cruise aircraft carrier with his brother last winter. It was pretty cool to get a glimpse of what my brother-in-law had to live with for 9 months while he was deployed. I could NEVER be on a boat with tiny hallways and no windows for more than a few hours, let alone months. It makes you appreciate our military and all they do.

DSC_7710 DSC_7711 DSC_7722 DSC_7725 DSC_7726 DSC_7736 DSC_7737 DSC_7738 DSC_7740 DSC_7741 DSC_7742

Sunday I had the brilliant idea to go to the Del Mar horsetrack family fun day. Free Webkinz horse, games, horse rides… sounds like a blast, right? Oh my gosh BUSY. Busy and confusing. Nothing was labeled or advertised well so it took us longer to get there than we figured. Then parking was insane. Then we had to walk FOREVER to get to the place. Then once inside there was an hour long wait for a pony ride and the games werent going to start until after the second race because, oh yes, there were tons of races actually going on also. That was cool just because we had never been to a horse race before. We got to be in the infield for it too so I was maybe 50 feet away from the horses when the did a race. The kids were kind of bummed for the whole thing but still took it in stride and at least enjoyed the race and their new horse. (BUT  the stupid housekeeping people here in Tucson threw the tags away- good thing they were free).

DSC_7755 DSC_7763 DSC_7767 DSC_7780 DSC_7782 DSC_7793

I feel very negative today with this post. Last weekend was fun. We are still enjoying ourselves and trying to fit in as much awesome and different stuff as we can while we are away but it is starting to wear on me. Two kids in an unfamiliar place where they get me more of the time than usual is just getting to be a lot to handle. I look forward to being home and getting settled before school starts.



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