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Tucson. No Thank You.

on July 31, 2014

I haven’t even bothered to post because I feel like we finally had a bit of a down week. Imagine that, not running around ALL day every day! Tucson was… well, it was hot. This made it very difficult to actually do anything or make any plans to do anything. Mostly because there is, apparently, nothing to do in Tucson in the middle of summer because everyone pretty much resolves to sit inside in any air conditioning they can find.

Monday we dropped Paco off with a co-worker so they could drive in to work and then found the nearest Target so we could stock up on some essentials so we wouldn’t necessarily have to buy all our meals from places. This only kind of worked… We ended up eating lunch at the hotel/ resort and spent a TON of money on just a sandwich and a kids meal pizza. I think we just chilled in the room then and went ahead and just ate leftovers for dinner (I had a few french fries and a slice of Lilly’s pizza). yum. Paco got back around 9:30 that night.

Tuesday we got up when Paco did and drove to Scottsdale to visit our good friends from Lilly’s playground years ago. We met these fine folks when the kids were 1 year old and they have remained friends since even though they moved 3 years ago. The drive went surprisingly smoothly with the kids and even though it was 2 hours it went by seemingly fast. That was a definite bonus. When we arrived the kids all started paying immediately so I got to have some actual real MOM time and just talk for a bit. We finally realized around 1:30 that we should probably have some lunch and headed out (in the CRAZY heat) to find something fun. The original plan, Peter Piper Pizza, was closed for renovation so we went to AZ Airtime so the kids could get pizza AND burn off some energy by jumping on trampolines. Edison LOVED it. They just opened one similar to this back home but given the fact it took prying Edison away kicking and screaming I don’t know if we will visit any time soon. I need to get a handle on that kids emotions/ control. We went for some Baskin Robbins to cool off since it was a good 120 degrees in the car (and about 110 or so outside) and then headed back to the house so the kids could play again before leaving. We didnt take off until 7:30 but this was good so traffic was cleared and it had cooled down just a bit so the car wasnt straining. Paco didnt get back from work until after 10.

DSC_7832 DSC_7833

Wednesday we went to the pool with friends because it has not only a pool but a splash pad and a lazy river. Yes, a lazy river at the hotel. It was fantastic. It would have been better if Edison tolerated it a little better. Luckily he really enjoyed the splash pad and pool. He is getting pretty comfortable in the water. I only hope it holds out for when we go to the lake! We ate lunch poolside by, once again, paying the crazy food prices. It was easier though than getting dressed and loading in the car to find some place. It wasnt until the next morning that I realized Edison had taken one of his blankies to the pool area and that he also left it there. Paco didn’t get back until 11:45.

Thursday we didn’t have much else to do but NEEDED to do something so we went to the Tucson Children’s Museum. It was okay but the one near our home is way better. They offered quite a few of the same things but back home it is just a little more… grandiose? Hard to describe. Anyway, the kids still had a great time and it was a needed energy burner. I couldn’t get Lilly to leave the art area so I managed to coax Edison in the 4 and under section that was attached so I could easily keep an eye on both. He loved climbing on all the things so it worked out. After 2 hours I decided we needed to get going and find lunch. Edison did not agree. Once again, I had to carry the kid kicking and screaming out. I would love for THAT behavior to stop. The problem with finding food in Tucson is that everything is special to Tucson apparently because every name in the GPS was foreign. Foreign isnt bad, but I had no idea what they were actually offering for food genre and I really didnt know what part of town it was or if it had easy parking or quickness. Ultimately we went to eegees. The sandwiches are average but it is cool you can get subs at a drive through. The eegees drinks were pretty good though, especially on the 107 degree day! After lunch and after a bit we went down to the pool and lazy river. Edison was a lot more willing to just lounge and do the lazy river than he was the other day and it was decently relaxing! Paco didn’t get home until 11. Oh, this was the same night that Lilly notice her teeth were loose. I checked and they aren’t really that loose but they have a friend joining them! I shrieked when I saw the permanent tooth growing behind her baby teeth. Unfortunately dentist says the baby teeth need to come out when we get back to Iowa.

DSC_7835 DSC_7844 DSC_7846 DSC_7847 DSC_7850 DSC_7852 DSC_7860 DSC_7862

Thankfully Friday we got to head back to San Diego. Not until we stopped at the PIMA air and space museum though! This was one of those things that Paco really wanted to do because it was a museum of planes. Outside… nothing but hundreds of planes and other air vehicles. Paco was excited to show them to us and explain things about them. Unfortunately Lilly was happy to just complain about the heat. It is an outdoor museum. In the Desert. On a 108+ degree day. We managed to get through a lot of it but Paco decided it wasn’t worth it to go to the back half. We really were all getting pretty hot and none of us had near the amount of water we should have for the day. We started home.

DSC_7863 DSC_7864 DSC_7871 DSC_7873 DSC_7878 DSC_7882 DSC_7883 DSC_7885 DSC_7891

It was pretty fun to get to see a desert thunderstorm on the way back and I am just completely ticked for some reason that we could see the border to Mexico. We also got to see sand dunes. So fun! These were the interesting things to look at. Other than that the car ride was unbearable because the poor car just couldn’t really cool down because how can it compete with a consistent 113 degree temp?!?! It wasn’t until we hit the mountains that it started to cool slightly, but then we had to turn the air off because.. mountains… we went UP the mountains which causes a strain on the engine. They actually have big barrels of water for radiators along the side of the road the whole way up!

DSC_7899 DSC_7902 DSC_7906 DSC_7907 DSC_7936 DSC_7932 DSC_7927 DSC_7910 DSC_7909

All in all I am glad we went to Tucson because we got to see friends. Even though we didn’t really get to see Paco because he was working ALL the time at least we were there to keep him company in the car and whatnot and I now know that I will NEVER live in Arizona. It is gravel and cactus needles. No offense to those that choose it but NOPE!


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