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Last days in San Diego

on August 5, 2014

Wednesday morning Paco took a late day for work so we could all go to the beach as a family one last time before we headed back to Iowa. The kids love the beach but Edison was kind of back and forth on the whole thing that morning. He wanted to go out in the water but didn’t want to go out too far once you were there. He ran to play with the sand toys but then expected me to do all the digging. He did this the whole time we were there. Even still, the kids enjoyed it a lot and were really happy to have daddy there for a beach trip on a nice day! Speaking of, we got one of the last 3 spots in the lot at 9am. There are a lot of spaces to park there too… It got really crowded by the time we had to leave to grab lunch and get Paco to work.

DSC_8082 DSC_8096 DSC_8085

DSC_8104 DSC_8110


Wednesday night we had our very last stop at the Pacific Beach Fish Shop. We had my brother in law, Sean, and his wife meet us to eat with us since we wouldn’t really get to see them again before we had to leave. The Fish shop was, not surprisingly, AMAZING. After we finished we went down the street towards Mission Blvd and tried a fun dessert/ ice cream place called The Baked Bear. It is such a great idea for an ice cream shop! They have a ton of fresh baked cookies in varying flavors. You pick two (or two different) cookies and then pick an ice cream and they make a delicious custom made ice cream sandwich. We each got one and were on our way to enjoying them. really… very much WERE on our way. That is until Edison realized he didnt just have a couple of cookies. No, they were RUINED with ice cream. I should note that he was probably getting tired because we were out until no earlier than 9:30 both Monday and Tuesday and here it was already after 8. That and he just really likes cookies. Sean was nice enough to take him for a walk to chill out since he had already finished his treat. Lilly had about a third of hers and decided she was done so Paco an I hurried along and took the kids’ with us to go. (Not the best idea unless you get the styrofoam to-go containers. I may or may not have ended up with a good amount of ice cream drippage on my hands on the way home.

Thursday, our last real day, in San Diego. It was really strange that this popped up so quickly. The past 6 weeks went so quickly. One of the things I had wanted to do all along is meet up with some amazing ladies that I actually met online in a facebook craft lovers group! We are all over the country and the fact that 3 of them live in San Diego meant I absolutely had to meet them. We had a great time meeting at a park and letting the kids all play while we got to interact IN PERSON! I am so thankful that I have people around the US that I can meet without having any qualms whatsoever and then chat as though we have known each other our whole lives.



When the kids and I got back from our park date we had to make a trip to the pool one last time. Both of the kids loved it and we had a nice combo of the big pool and the hot tub. Edison loves the hot tub. I am torn because it wasn’t too hot that he couldn’t manage it for short times but I still don’t want to promote him being in hot tubs at such a young age. He also just walked around the outside seat without really being submerged so that makes it a little better also. He wasn’t very happy about leaving but we had to go pick Paco up from work so the two of us could have a date night. A REAL date night. Sean came over even though he has been absolutely exhausted from work. We are so thankful and happy he was able to do that for us. We were on our way without any real plan but ended up on Habor St. downtown. We went to The Fish Market and got to enjoy a seat close to the window. We weren’t right next to the window on the patio, but we could still at least see water and the harbor as opposed to being somewhere in the middle of the restaurant. I got the fresh halibut ‘caught by patty joe!’ and Paco got his [very] blackened swordfish.


DSC_8121 DSC_8126


DSC_8132 DSC_8130

After eating we went to the infamous Extraordinary Desserts. Given where we already were and ease of traffic we went to the Little Italy location. It was beautiful. There were a lot of different dessert choices and each one looked like a little piece of art. After looking over the options we made our choices and decided to get them to-go since we didn’t want to wait and we wanted to grab a picture of the San Diego skyline at night before heading over for a late night walk on the beach. It was fun to have the time to just be with Paco since the last time that happened was before he left in May. I have been around the kids 24/7 without ANY break at all for 3 months. I love my kids, but to get to have a night out with just my husband.


DSC_8141 DSC_8140 DSC_8134 DSC_8135 DSC_8138

When we got back to the apartment we had our desserts and did a bunch of packing before calling it quits and left the rest to morning. I am interested to see how long it takes before I start to miss California because as much as I hate to admit it, it was a pretty fun place to visit. I still don’t know if I could manage that lifestyle forever.




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