Misadventures Of An Average Mom

Because Average is the New Awesome!


on February 8, 2015

Hey! Long (LOOOOOONNNNG) time no… post? After we got back from California we literally jumped right into all things back to school related and any and all of my free time went to the wayside. I volunteer frequently at the school and am PTA treasurer and, while those aren’t excuses, it makes for a busy hectic life. I realized that I have neglected this blog and with the start of a new year, some new goals in life, and just needing time for ME I want to get back to posting. Even if I realize no one really cares. Really.

To start things off [yet again] today is my 32nd birthday! I think that once I hit 35 I will start to get panicky, but not quite yet. I am settled enough in life that being the dreaded ‘over 30’ doesn’t stress me out too much. I will admit though that I feel I am starting to feel kind of old. It’s a dumb thing to say, but I really do feel the whole metabolism thing dropping off. I’m more creaky in the knees and other joints than I was a couple of years ago. Plus I just have more and more moments in life where I can say “why, back when I was a kid blah blah blah” or, you know, my childhood toys are now in antique stores. whomp whomp.

As birthdays go the older you get, we didn’t have any huge plans or big celebrations planned. At the very start of the week we got 12 inches of snow dumped on is and since it has been so cold none of it has gone anywhere. Today the high was in the upper 30’s so it made for perfect sledding weather. We went out to the nearest sledding hill and started in. We had a BLAST. The kids had such a fun time and, honestly, I completely forgot how awesome REAL sledding is. Unfortunately the kids had their first epic sled crash with a guy (our age) out sledding with is wife and friends. His sled took a sharp 90 degree turn and slammed right into the kids as they were nearing the bottom of the hill. I ran down to meet up with them and dry tears and while no injuries were had, feelings were hurt, the sled was destroyed, and the poor guy felt terrible. He felt badly enough he insisted we take his sled and ultimately forced $25 on us to get hot chocolate for the kids on the way home.

This is from a quick jaunt sledding last week up at the school right in the middle of all the action! It was hard to sled and the wind was fierce, but the kids still had fun!

DSC_0875 After sledding we went to the store for lunch and ran a few errands so I could hit up local business for donations for the school silent auction for a library renovation/updating. Like I said, pretty exciting stuff. I did finish the day off by indulging in a nice dessert courtesy of my mom – couldn’t be here today without her don’t ya know 😉

Anyway, like I said I hope to try and update this with things going on in life. I mentioned goals after all, so along the journey if I find anything that might be helpful to others I will definitely post it. One of my goals is weight loss, per usual it would seem, and after 5 weeks of efforts I have at least lost 10 pounds so it is something. I also want to focus more on my ‘sewing as a business’ and find new things to make and list on my newly opened etsy shop ( https://www.etsy.com/shop/YesterdaysDreamsShop ) *check it out! And feel free to offer up suggestions or constructive criticism!

‘Til next time!- Thanks for reading!


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